Let us explain how our public charter schools are prepared to provide your child the high quality education usually offered only at a private school academy.

We begin with a cheerful, orderly, and safe environment
Our campuses are constructed with separate classroom buildings that are small enough to foster personal attention and age-appropriate guidance for all children.

Add a carefully planned curriculum
We know that to accomplish any important goal, there must be a detailed and complete plan, or blueprint, to guide our efforts. The Academies have developed a plan over the last 20 years through our program of instruction and research on early childhood learning. By incorporating the State of Michigan curriculum guidelines, we have a learning blueprint that substantially exceeds state requirements. The plan includes a large series of specific performance objectives for language, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, conduct, health and art. Our curriculum is all of the materials and experiences we arrange to foster the mastery of specific performance objectives.

Double the teaching staff
We provide a certified teacher for each 10 children to make certain that every child is provided constant opportunities for learning guidance. There is ample supervision and assistance available for each child, whether to foster accelerated learning or guarantee that any child needing extra help – has that help when necessary.

Coordinate learning at school with parent guidance at home
Parents receive a Weekly Student Progress Report, detailing the performance objectives introduced and practiced that week. This allows parents to know always what skills are developing so they can support this learning with their child at home.

Assure quality instruction
A key feature of our program is a set of management practices that help guarantee that each child is receiving appropriate and effective guidance. We employ an independent learning performance assessment staff. These monitors check the progress of every student continuously throughout the year to make certain that 1) each child is making expected progress, 2) the child’s teacher is accurately tracking progress, and 3) any child requiring special assistance for accelerated or remedial guidance is recognized. In this way, we can prevent “slipping behind” or “boredom” for every child. At the beginning and end of the school year, nationally validated achievement tests are administered. This information lets our staff and our parents know how our school, each grade, and each classroom is progressing-as compared with other schools throughout Michigan and across the United States.

Take our parents’ opinions seriously
Each parent receives a detailed questionnaire several times each year. Their responses provide essential communication helping to assure that everyone works together and stays on track. Our parents have been universally enthusiastic and supportive in their replies this year.

If you would like to join our growing group of families who care, especially for their children’s education, we would be pleased to have you join us.