Third Grade – Perry

September Newsletter

Miss Perry’s 3rd and 5th Grade Class

Welcome back to school everyone! This is our first month back, so as all of you parents and guardians out there may expect, there is TONS of information that is about to be thrown your way. This letter may seem long and hefty, but no worries! I promise this is the only letter that contains this much information. And if you happen to misplace this sheet or forget the information on here, every Newsletter will also be posted on our school’s website and near the front office until the next Newsletter is sent out. I just want to help you all as much as possible get back in to gear and ready for the school year. :smile:

What will we learn this month?
(Brief Overview)

3rd Grade will start the year learning about place value, signs of equality (<,>,=), rounding whole numbers, adding 4-digit numbers, regrouping, and writing numbers in standard, expanded, and word notation.

5th Grade will also work on different notations, but on numbers up to 1 billion! We will also work on multi-digit multiplication, place value of decimals, and ordering, adding, and subtracting decimals.

3rd Grade will start to explore different types of stories, such as nonfiction v. fiction, and biographies v. autobiographies. They will also learn the differences between fact and opinion, predictions and inferences, and important and irrelevant details.

5th Grade will dive right into learning about different stories as well, such as fairy tales, myths, folktales, mysteries, etc., and how to compare and contrast them. We will also focus some time at the end of the month on figurative language, such as using similes and metaphors.

3rd Grade will learn proper comma placement, punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviation skills. We will also learn the difference between complete sentences, run on sentences, and sentence fragments.

5th Grade will also learn how to correct sentence fragments, as well as talk about compound v. simple sentences. Finally, we will learn the difference between interrogative, imperative, and declarative sentences.

Science and Social Studies will have a 2-3 week alternating schedule. We will start this month with Science.

3rd Grade will learn all about their environment and the organisms within each type of  natural habitat.

5th Grade will learn about the cells in our bodies, how they are structured, and how they operate.

Social Studies
An informative letter will be sent home when we start our Social Studies curriculum in mid-September.

Ahhh, the students’ favorite part of coming back to school… Homework!

I do give weekly homework assignments, but it is based off a very simple routine that the students (and you!) can work with.

Every week the students will receive a new list of spelling words. In their Spelling Journals, they will have written their list of words correctly 4 times. (See inside of Spelling Journal for a more elaborate description). The students have until the following Friday to finish their Spelling Words and turn them in. As they write, they should be studying the words to prepare for the weekly Spelling Quiz every Friday!

A math sheet will also be sent home each Monday, and to be completed by that Friday for grading. I use Math homework as a way to assess objectives and reinforce core math skills. The first few weeks of math homework will include math skills that they learned last year to help them get back into the groove. I will never assign Math homework that was just taught the day of receiving it, and will also never send a random sheet home in the middle of the week.

Since the students have all week to finish these two homework assignments, I do expect that they fulfill their responsibilities and hand them in on Fridays completed! Again, I use homework to assess…. If it is not done by Friday, they will have the weekend to finish and return it to me on Monday. If it’s still not done on Monday, then they will be staying after school in Detention (icky word, but that’s what it is!) from 3:30-3:50.

Weekly Plans will be sent home every Monday to give you a heads up on what is to come this week for your child. These plans will show the learning goals and objectives for the week.

Weekly Reports will be sent home every Friday as a follow up to the Weekly Plan. It will show an evaluation of whether or not your child has mastered the objectives and is ready to move on. If they have not mastered it yet, don’t worry! That is when I analyze my previous lessons and modify them, so that I can reteach the material and hopefully help your child achieve mastery.

Learning doesn’t stop at school!
Here are some ways you can support your student at home to help them succeed!  Quiz them on their Spelling Words (will not start until 2nd week).  Ask them to edit a letter you wrote.  Have them tell you a summary of the book they are reading, and ask questions about their book.  Make math fun by practicing with sidewalk chalk.

This month, Augusta Academy will focus on the character trait of citizenship. By teaching our students the importance of serving your community and the people in it, whether in big ways or in small, they will learn how to become better problem solvers, communicators, and helpers, thus making our community a better place. :smile:

A good conversation to have with your kids at home could be about some of the ways they might want to help their community, or maybe how they already have done so!

Parent/ Teacher communication is a priority of mine. I see the teacher, parents, and student as a team. However, due to recent legal mandates, teachers’ emails or other messaging services are not to be used as a way for teachers and parents to converse.

I do have the Remind App, which I can use to send reminder messages to you all as a one-way message!

The students also have Dismissal sheets that they bring home every day, where there is an area for parents to sign and leave comments.

If you ever wish to speak about social or academic concerns about your child, please call the school and I will be more than willing to talk on the phone and even set up meeting dates!

I hope you are as ready for this school year as I am!  If you have any questions.  Please do not hesitate to give me a call on the school line!

:smile:  Miss Ellie Perry