3rd Grade – Glass

October Newsletter

In the classroom:

  • Math-Students will be focusing on addition, subtraction and multiplication facts up to the 10’s. (The dollar store has flash cards for each of these for extra practice at home).
  • Reading and Language Arts- Students will be learning the meaning of words using context clues, writing a personal narrative and determining the author’s purpose of a story.
  • Science-Students will continue learning about organisms and how humans can aid in the preservation of the planet. We will also explore all 8 planets, (or 9 since scientists are now saying Pluto is back in)!
  • Social Studies-Students will learn about Michigan’s first people and the resources our state provides.

Remember, that as it gets cooler, students will need to come prepared for the weather.  A big thank you to all parents who provided supplies to start the year off!

Ms. Glass