3rd Grade – Roth

November News

Math: Multiplication and Division. Students have learned songs to help with their facts and they also have flash cards. They should be studying their facts daily.

Science: Dinosaurs, extinct, and endangered animals. We will also begin our solar system unit. Students will have an end of the unit Solar System project that will be done at home.

Social Studies: We will continue discussing Michigan’s history and important events.

ELA: We will continue to work on grammar, sentence structure, and creative writing.


-The weather is getting colder by the day. Students need to dress appropriately for the change in the weather as we go outside for recess each day. Students should have a jacket at the very least.

-Students should be reading at least 20 minutes a day.

-Students should be studying their math facts and weekly spelling words.

- 3rd Grade is collecting boxed food for Holiday Families