Sixth Grade – Guest

February Newsletter


* Please remember the uniform dress code is as follows: white collared shirts, white only undershirts, and navy pants or shorts. As colder weather approaches gray or navy sweaters will be allowed. No hoodies. No fashion boots.

* We will be going outside for recess even when it begins to get cold. Our policy is 10 degrees or warmer and the students will be outside. Please be sure to send your student with the appropriate attire to be outside for 30 minutes. That includes; hats, gloves, scarves, and heavy winter jackets.

* IXL Math and Language Arts- be sure to check with your student for any notes about IXL homework. I would love to see the students working independently on IXL at home.

What We’re Learning:
Reading: We are continuing leveled Reading A-Z groups and Lexile range lessons. There is also whole group instruction of English Language Arts concepts. Each student has specific goals for NWEA. We have continually worked on these. We will continue with A Wrinkle in Time and start Bud, Not Buddy after.

Writing: Please make sure your student is writing at home, as well as school. We are writing in our journals every day with prompts and free write.   

Math: Probability, Permutations, and y=mx+b form will continue. These are very challenging concepts coming up, so continue practicing those multiplication and division facts.

Social Studies: We are continuing to work on ancient times. It is tying in with geography and economics, as we continue the year.

Science: Genetics and scientific process are what we will be continuing to work on throughout February.


Gym- Thursday afternoon.
Be sure to bring a coat and have your gym shoes at school!
Art- Thursdays
If there are any projects that you would like to suggest over the course of the year or volunteer to do with us, please let me know.
Music- Wednesdays
Different cultures and the influence of music.
We are going to lab every day of the week.  The students utilize this time for IXL.  Please remember the students may not bring home their library books from Evergreen library.
Dance Class-
Every Monday and some Wednesdays starting February 19th!

January Award Winners

Character: Generous ~ Brandin
Brandin has been such a kind and generous asset to our classroom. He always is willing to give a friend a pencil, put others first before himself, and help wherever he is needed. I am so proud of him!

Math ~ Isaac
Isaac is soaring in mathematics. He seems to really enjoy the recent challenging concepts and never gives up! He will try until he gets it right! I am so proud of his hard work in mathematics this year!

Writing ~ Acacia
Acacia has such energetic and entertaining writings. She knows how to express her feelings and make others laugh. I can’t wait to see how she grows in writing this year. I am so proud of her!

Congratulations to our winners from last month! They all strived for their best in each area. Keep up the great work!
February’s Character Count- Trustworthy

How to Help at Home
It is important that we work together at school and at home on all aspects of education. Please remember that your student at this point in the year should be responsible and held accountable for all things below.

      1. Study Habits-
        1. Established and happening every day.
        2. Be sure to study every night and not “cram” the night before for tests or quizzes.
      2. Homework-
        1. Be sure your student takes the time to find article(s) for Monday and filling out the accompanying sheet with more than one sentence.
        2. Your student should be giving their best work and great detail.  This is not the time of the year to be “lazy” with homework.
      3. Work Ethic-
        1. Taking responsibility for notes, organizing binders, and keeping up to date in planner.
        2. I have seen very positive attitudes after the break. I am excited to see this continue all the way to the end of the year.

Contact me with any questions or Concerns:  through email or sending a note, or class Dojo.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!

~ Miss Guest