Sixth Grade – Guest

October Newsletter


 *Friendly reminder that school starts promptly at 8:20 a.m. If your student arrives after, they are considered tardy. Pick up is promptly at 3:30 p.m.

* Please remember the uniform dress code is as follows: white collared shirts, white only undershirts, and navy pants or shorts. As colder weather approaches gray or navy sweaters will be allowed. No hoodies.

* Pretests for spelling are Mondays. Spelling City is a wonderful tool to use all week, before the test on Friday.

What We’re Learning:

Reading: We are currently finishing up Falling Towers and will be practicing our writing in book report form. Reading A-Z groups will start, aligned with NWEA groups.

Writing: We are writing in our journals
every day. It is important to work with your student to practice complete sentences with punctuation and full thoughts. Encourage them to write in a journal at home as well. We will be working extensively on dialogue towards the end of the month.

Math: We are continuing our journey with some challenging subjects. It is crucial that your student practices their fundamentals at home to master the complex skills we are going through this year. Both 6th and 7th will be moving through division with rules of divisibility and into fractions, decimals, and percent.

Social Studies: We are moving through the 5 themes of geography and still emphasizing the importance of knowing the locations of our countries around the world because we will be learning about world history in the coming months.

Science: We are finishing up weather and our dynamic earth. This month the two grades will take off on exploring different topics of science.

IXL will become a more frequently assigned homework as we progress through the year.

Please remember over the week to help your student find a current events article from a newspaper, magazine, online source, etc. to bring in and discuss Monday morning.

If your student is struggling in an area, then I will provide extra practice or more detailed homework to help your student master the skill.

Multiplication facts and division facts will continue to be tested every week. It is essential that the students practice every night to master these skills.


Gym- Thursday afternoon
Art Fridays
Music Wednesdays
   Please remember the students may not bring home their library books from Evergreen library, but we will be setting up a trip to the public library soon.

Lab time is daily and IPADS are utilized during reading groups in the afternoon.

September Award Winners

Character: Friendly: Josiah ~
His friendliness to anyone and everyone shows in his welcoming smile and sense of humor. He will lighten the mood for any student (or teacher) who is having a bad day. He is friendly to everyone and always greets people with a hi, hello, or smile on his face :smile:

Math: Chris ~
His drive in math is motivating to his peers. He takes his time to make sure he fully understands concepts and is not afraid to ask questions or learn from his mistakes.

Writing:  Isaac ~
He has shown great improvement from the bare minimum, to real expression in his writing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Congratulations to our winners from last month! They all strived for their best in each area. Keep up the great work!
October’s Character Count- Responsibility

Contact me with any questions or concerns: through email or sending a note! I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Miss Guest

How to help at Home
It is important that we work together at school and at home on all aspects of education.  Here are some ideas that I encourage you to do with your student at home every day.

  1. Study Habits-
    1. Be sure your student is bringing home the spelling list and appropriate notebooks to study every night to prepare for tests for the week.
    2. Flashcards for math fats is crucial.  your student needs to master multiplication and division math facts up to 144 by 2nd semester.
    3. A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast are essential to success on testing and a productive day of school for your student.
  2. Homework-
    1. Encourage your student to read new and different genres.
    2. Model for your student and help your student become a more diverse reader by modeling reading in different areas and types of print each night.
    3. Be sure your student takes at least 30 minutes each night to really dive into a great book, article, etc.
  3. Work Ethic-
    1. Keep encouraging your student to participate in class.
    2. No question is a dumb question!  Encourage your student to continue asking questions and for my help.  I am here to help your student succeed!
    3. A good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast will help with their ability to stay focused and complete all tasks given for the day.