Sixth Grade – Guest

May/June Newsletter


NWEA and M-Step testing is coming to a close!!
*Please be sure to continue to get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast!

* Please remember the uniform dress code is as follows: white collared shirts, white only undershirts, and navy pants or shorts.  As it warms up, please note no open toed sandals, Crocs, or heels are allowed. Closed toed shoes are to be worn.

*With testing ending, please encourage your student to stay positive and finish out strong!

* IXL- students should be working on objectives independently at least 3 times a week. I am able to monitor all progress made and when/how long they are on IXL each time.

What We’re Learning:
Reading: We are continuing leveled Reading A-Z groups. I will continue to test the students and have a final ending level as of June 5th for Reading A-Z.

Writing:  Please make sure your student is writing at home, as well as school. We will have opportunities to write out our plans for the summer and our goals for our summer homework.

Math: Pre-algebra is here and in full swing :smile: We will be reviewing any material your student has not mastered yet!

Social Studies: 5th grade is going to close out with the Civil Rights Movement right after WWII, and the Cold War. 6th grade will end with public policies and review economic objectives.

Science: Both 5th and 6th grade will be reviewing any and all objectives not yet mastered!

Health: We will be finishing up our sports objectives and having our drug free talk as a class!

Friday afternoon
Be sure to bring a coat and have your gym shoes at school!

Art– Thursday
If there are any projects that you would like to suggest over the course of the year or volunteer to do with us, please let me know.

Music– Wednesday
Different cultures and the influence of music.

We will have limited time in the lab and library this month because of testing. Your student will be able to borrow books from my library! We will utilize the Ipads as much as we can :smile:

Homework is coming to a close! Beginning the middle of May we will no longer have homework.

However! IXL is still an extraordinary tool you can use at home with your student daily.

April Award Winners

Character: Respectful – Samier
Samier has worked on respectfulness with his peers more and more. I am so proud of how much of a leader he has become over the course of this year.

Math:   Acacia
Acacia has really worked hard and tried on her math facts and even though she has struggled with some concepts, but has NEVER given up!

Writing:   Jadon
Jadon has come a long way with his writing. He has slowed down to make sure he is not making simple mistakes. It is such a joy to read his writing and the imagination he has is outstanding!

Congratulations to our winners from last month! They all strived for their best in each area. Keep up the great work!

May’s Character Count- Caring

How to Help at Home
It is important that we work together at school and at home on all aspects of education. Please remember your student, at this point in the year, should be responsible and held accountable for all things below.

  • Study Habits-
    • Established and happening every day.
    • Be sure to study every night and not “cram” the night before for tests or quizzes.
  • Homework-
    • Should be done over the weekend and NOT done Monday night in a hurry.
    • Please come in and ask immediately if you did not understand something.
  • Work Ethic-
    • We are in the final stretch! Let’s stay strong!
    • With testing ending in May, we have to make sure we are getting a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast in our bellies!

We can do it!!   Almost there

Contact me with any questions or concerns:  through email, sending a note, or phone.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!

– Miss Guest