Seventh Grade – Guest

May/June Newsletter


NWEA and M-Step testing is coming to a close!!  Congrats to everyone for working so hard.

*Just a few more weeks to go, we can do it!

* Please remember the uniform dress code is as follows: white collared shirts, white only undershirts, and navy pants or shorts.  As it warms up, please note no open toed sandals, Crocs, or heels are allowed. Closed toed shoes are to be worn.

*With testing ending, please encourage your student to stay positive and finish out strong!

* IXL- students should be working on objectives independently at least 3 times a week. I am able to monitor all progress made and when/how long they are on IXL each time.

What We’re Learning:

Reading: We are continuing leveled Reading A-Z groups. I will continue to test the students and have a final ending level as of June 8th for Reading A-Z.

Writing: Please make sure your student is writing at home, as well as school. We will have opportunities to write out our plans for the summer and our goals for our summer homework.

Math: Pre-algebra and algebra is here and in full swing :smile: We will be reviewing any material your student has not mastered yet!

Social Studies: 6th and 7th grade will end with public policies, changing policies, and reviewing economic objectives.

Science: Both 6th and 7th grade will be reviewing any and all objectives not yet mastered! As well as perfecting the scientific method/process with experiments.

Health: We will be finishing up our sports objectives at the YMCA, visiting a neighboring school to play gaga, and learning a few more exciting games this year.


Gym- Thursday afternoon
No more swimming! We are so thankful to Ms. Renee and Ms. Cora for all their support and lessons over the past few months.

Art Friday
If there are any projects you would like to suggest or volunteer to do with us, please contact me!

Book Buddies Wednesday
We will continue to help our kindergarteners grow in their reading skills until the end of the year!


   We will have limited time in the lab and library in May as we finish up testing. Your student will be able to borrow books from my library! We will utilize the Ipads and lab whenever available.

Homework is coming to a close! Beginning the middle of May we will no longer have homework.

However! IXL is still an extraordinary tool you can use at home with your student daily.

– Miss Guest