Second Grade – Knop

March Newsletter

March is Reading Month
March is reading month! Our theme is “Paws for Books”. During the month of March we will be having all sorts of events throughout the school. Some of these events include Spirit Week and the Book Fair. There will be a calendar coming home with activities that can be done as a family to help support reading at home. Please encourage your child to read each night and also read with them.

Spirit Week – Dress-Up Days (March 19-23)

  • Monday:  Disney vs Marvel Day
  • Tuesday:  College vs Pro Day
  • Wednesday:  Twin Day
  • Thursday:  Tourists vs Safari Day
  • Friday:  No Uniform Day


March 2nd Book Character Day
March 9th Color Wars Day GREEN
March 16 Decades Day 70’s

Math Night/ PTO Parent Night
Math Night will take place on Thursday, March 8th from 4:00-6:00 PM. During this time students will play interactive math games and parents will have the opportunity to discuss the math that takes place in each grade.

Scholastic Book Orders
The scholastic book order for March is due on Wednesday, March 28th. Ordering online is easy and each time an order is placed online our classroom receives a free book. The order code is NKZ76. Go to to order.

March Book Fair
March 5-9 will be Forest’s Book Fair. It is a wonderful event with lots of fantastic books. Hope everyone can come

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-teacher conferences will be held the week of March 26th. Please look for notes to come home. We will do our best to accommodate families by scheduling siblings back to back.

Book It
It’s the last month for Book It and it’s reading month! READ LOTS OF BOOKS!

Make sure to send in your February calendars so that your child can earn their free pizza. Ask your student to read to you before bed, read to a sibling, or to their favorite stuffed animal. It is very important that they continue to work on using their sight words they already know and to keep building up their vocabulary. It would be great if the students could read at least five days a week to help them build confidence in the reading process.

At home activity ideas

  • When driving in the car, have your child read signs to you.
  • In the kitchen, have your child read recipes to you as you prepare meals
  • Ask your child to read a news article about someone in our community who did something heroic and explain why the particular activity was heroic.
  • Practice counting down from any double-digit number. For example, use a calendar to count down the number of days to an upcoming event.
  • Prepare for multiplication by helping your child think in groups. Ask “how many fingers do five people have?”
  • Try a variation on the card game “War.” When the higher card takes the lower card, subtract the lower number from the higher number, and the player who won that play wins those points. Use A=1, J=11, Q=12 and K=13.