Second Grade – Knop

October Newsletter

Book IT!
Starting in October running through the end of March we will be participating in BOOK IT, from Pizza Hut.  If your child fills out their monthly calendar with their reading goal they will receive a coupon for a one topping personal pan pizza.

Scholastic Book orders
Each month I will be sending home new fliers for book orders.  October book orders are due October 23rd. You can order online by going to and plugging in our classroom code NKZ76. Each time you order online our classroom receives a free book.

Paint Shirts
There will be many times that we may do Art projects that have the potential to be messy.  Please send in an old shirt either button up or t-shirt that can be used for painting or messy projects.  We will keep these at school so please make sure your child’s name is on the shirt.

Please try and send in healthy snacks.  Good examples of a healthy snack include; fruit/vegetables, applesauce, fruit cups, yogurt, dried fruits, granola bars, cereals, etc. We will get 15-20 minutes for breakfast and a half hour for lunch each day.  It is important that they know this time is for eating and not just socializing.

As the weather gets cooler please make sure to send the appropriate clothing for your child.  Fall is a great time for the weather to go from 80 degrees one day to 65 the next.  Perfect examples for recess would be a light sweater jacket or sweatshirt.  Please put the name of your child in the jacket so if it gets left on the playground we can return it easily.

Our blue folders need to be returned to school every day.  This is how we can both communicate with each other.  Remember the folder is not the responsibility of the parent but the student.

Halloween Party
We will have our Halloween Celebration on Thursday, November 1st.  We will have a celebration in the afternoon where we will watch a movie, have snacks and make a fun craft. I will be contacting the parents who volunteered to help from Open House.

Learning Sight Words
The Dolch sight Word list is a list of 220 words that make up between 50-70% of the words we encounter in text.  Most of these words are “service words” that must be quickly recognized in order to read fluently.  Many of the Dolch sight words cannot be “sounded out” and they need to learned by “sight”.  Because recognizing these words is so important during reading, using a variety of activities to teach, practice and memorize the words is critical in teaching children to read.  Try using these activities to help your child learn and practice sight words:

Multi-sensory ways to learn and practice sight words:

  • Have your child write sight words with glitter glue
  • Have your child write sight words with wikki stix
  • Have your child write sight words with playdoh
  • Have your child write sight words with puffy paint
  • Put craft sand on a paper plate.  Have your child practice tracing sight words in the sand.
  • Put hair gel in a zip lock baggie.  Seal the baggie.  Have your child write the letter of the sight word in the gel.
  • Squirt shaving cream on a plate or table.  Spread the cream.  Have your child write the sight words in the shaving cream.
  • Jump, hop, clap, tap out the letters of the sight word (t-t-e “the”).

Sight word games:

  • Make sight word flashcards on 3 x 5 index cards and place them on a ring.  Short and frequent practice with naming the words works better than longer sessions.  Try reviewing the cards during commercial breaks.
  • Draw a star on the back of a 3 x 5 index card.  Place this card and the flashcards face down on the table.  Take turns turning over a card and reading the words.  Try to be the player who finds the card with a star.
  • Play “Slap Jack” with the sight word and star cards.  When the star card is turned over, the first player to slap it wins.
  • Make duplicates of the sight words cards and play the memory game.
  • Make several 5 x 5 grids and put sight words in the squares.  Make your own chips with the words written on them.  Play bingo.
  • Write the sight words on sticky notes and place them on a wall.  Turn down the sights and give your child a flashlight.  Have your child shine the light on the words and read each word.