Second Grade – Knop

November Newsletter

Fall Conferences
Fall Conferences are scheduled for November 6th, 7th and 8th.  I am excited to meet with everyone and talk about your child’s progress. A reminder has gone home with the time you are scheduled.  Report cards and N.W.E.A information will be given out at this time.  I look forward to seeing everyone.

Scholastic Book Orders
November book orders are due November 15th.  This way, hopefully you will have them by Thanksgiving break to read.  You can order online by going to and entering in our classroom code NKZ76. Each time you order online our classroom receives a free book.  Parents who order online will also receive a $5.00 coupon to be used on their next order.

Paint Shirts
Reminder: if you have not brought in a paint shirt, please bring one in as soon as possible.

Cold Weather Gear
We will be having more days where it is chilly at recess.  Please make sure to send the appropriate clothing for your child.  This will help prevent us from getting sick.  Please put the name of your child in the jacket so if it gets left on the playground we can return it easily.  Also, please send in a pair of or change of boots or shoes for outside play to be used at recess time.  If you would like to leave a pair at school they can keep them in their locker.  This will prevent our classroom from becoming muddy.

Thanksgiving Break
Thanksgiving break begins on Thursday, November 23rd  and school resumes on Monday, November 27th. We will have a short week so please make sure your child is present at school.

Find ways to practice number operations

  • Practice counting down from any double-digit number. For example, use a calendar to count down the number of days to an upcoming event.
  • Prepare for multiplication by helping your child think in groups. Ask “how many fingers do five people have?”
  • Try a variation on the card game “War.” When the higher card takes the lower card, subtract the lower number from the higher number, and the player who won that play wins those points.
  • Give your child the change in your pocket and ask how many different ways she can make 25 cents.
  • Play a variation on the game “Go Fish.” Instead of asking for cards with numbers that match, players take turns asking for cards that, added to the card she has, adds up to 10. Count face cards as zero, aces as 1’s.

Reading and Writing Ideas

Tell family tales

Children love to hear stories about their family. Talk about a funny thing that happened when you were young.

Create a writing toolbox

Fill a box with drawing and writing materials. Find opportunities for your child to write, such as the shopping list, thank you notes, or birthday cards.

Be your child’s #1 fan

Ask your child to read aloud what he or she has written for school. Be an enthusiastic listener.

One more time with feeling

When your child has sounded out an unfamiliar word, have him or her re-read that sentence. Often kids are so busy figuring out a word they lose the meaning of what they’ve just read.