2nd Grade – Smith

October Newsletter


  • Fire Safety Month
  • Create a masterpiece in art
  • Learn about our government
  • Learn how to regroup in addition

We are encouraging our students to eat healthy.  Please consider that we have breakfast at 9:15 a.m.  Healthy suggestions include fresh fruit, fruit cups, jello, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, yogurt, or bottled water/flavored water.  A helpful way for your child not to eat their lunches or dessert for snack is to have them in a separate labeled bag.  Also, please remember that the lower elementary building is a peanut free building!  Think HealthyJ Just a reminder our building is peanut free.

School Pictures:
School pictures will be on Wednesday, October 10th.  Remember that students MUST be in their school uniforms for the pictures.

A fall celebration will be held Wednesday, October 31st.  Fun activities are being planned before we join the school for our annual Trunk or Treat festivities at 1:00 pm. Make sure your child comes with a bag to collect their candy in.  More information will be sent home as the date becomes closer.

Costumes that are super scary should not be worn to school.  Also, if your costume comes with a mask you may wear the mask during Trunk or Treat only.  Please also limit the amount of face paint, such as whiskers or a clown nose.   Costumes that are great for school would be ninjas without a weapon at school, fairies, doctors, fun characters, clowns, etc…

We try to keep traffic flow at the end of the day moving.  In order to speed things up, please pull as far forward as you can in the traffic line.  Please remember to stay in your car and your child will be brought to you by one of us. This will provide safety for the students and parents.  If you need to speak with one of us after school please park in one of the available places and come into the building.  Thank you for being flexible to the change in the building where we are picking up your child.

Moo-Ville Field Trip
We will be heading on our first field trip on Friday, October 12th.  Moo-Ville is located in Nashville, Michigan.  It is an amazing family dairy farm.  We will be going on a walking tour around the farm.  Make sure your child is in tennis shoes.  After our tour we will get an ice cream cone and eat lunch.  We will be leaving school at 9:30 and arriving back at 2:30.  A permission note will be coming home.  Please consider being a chaperone for this awesome field trip!

If you need to contact us, we are available everyday from 7:30 am to 8:15 am and from 3:30-4pm.  You may also send a note to school with your child and we will respond as soon as possible.

October is fire safety month.  Practice with your child what to do if there was a fire.  Designate a special spot to always meet.

There are some silly “holidays” to celebrate this month as well.  October is pizza, popcorn, and dessert month. As a family make a pizza and a tasty dessert.  On a cold Saturday afternoon, rent a movie and pop popcorn.  Take a walk and look at the leaves starting to change colors.  Listen to the noises they make as you walk through them.  Have fun spending time together!

Thanks for a great start to an awesome school year!!!

Mrs. Smith