2nd Grade – Smith

April Newsletter

Spring is finally here, but so is the mud!! Please continue to send boots/extra shoes with your child for outdoor play.

As many of you know we take the NWEA test three times during the school year.  We take it in thefall to see to get an idea of where each student is academically. In the winter we check for progress, and in the spring we hope for each student to achieve their goal score. These tests are going to be spread out during three weeks and we are going to be taking it in the morning at 8:30. Please arrive on time and
please encourage your child to do their best! As the tests come closer I will send a note home as to when we will be taking them!

Educational activities to do at home:

  • Sort coins and determine the value
  • Play store.  Label items and determine the coins need to purchase
  • Create multiplication flash cards and practice a few each night.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write your spelling words
  • Recycle!  Help return cans, sort and identify items you could recycle
  • Be responsible.  Help with the dishes.  Put the silverware away.  Set the table before dinner.

Happy Spring,
Mrs. Smith and Miss Reimink