2nd Grade – Smith

November Newsletter

The weather has been unpredictable lately, but cooler temperatures will soon be here to stay.  Please provide the proper outdoor attire.  Remember to LABEL all outdoor clothing. Boots or extra shoes for outside are needed!

Congratulations to everyone who reached their reading goal for the month of October. Encourage your child to help you read each book/chapter. Have them point out familiar words. It is very exciting to find spelling words in different picture books. After reading talk about the characters, determine the problem in the story and how it was resolved. Try to read for at least 20 minutes a day. Fill in the log sheet so that your child may get a free personal pan pizza.  Remember to sign the log sheet once the reading goal has been reached. Let’s continue to make reading fun! It is amazing to see how your child’s vocabulary can increase with just reading for 20 minutes a day!

HEALTHY SNACKS We have snack every morning at 9:15. Please provide your child with a healthy snack to eat each day. Sometimes it seems that students are eating their dessert rather than a light snack. A helpful tip is to have your child’s snack in a separate, labeled lunch bag. This will help your child understand that the applesauce is their morning

On Wednesday, November 22 we will celebrate Thanksgiving by having a healthy feast. We would like each student to bring in
a healthy treat to share with each of their 19 classmates. More information will be sent home as the date becomes closer.

Turkey in Disguise at Home Project!  A fun family project was sent home. Each student will create a turkey in disguise from the turkey template that we will provide.
Your family can use whatever textures you choose to decorate your turkey. There is a note explaining the craft project and writing portion of the project! We are looking forward to creating a turkey in disguise bulletin board in the hall!

Everyone is working very hard to do their personal best on our first grade curriculum. Each month we will provide fun activities for you to do at home that will help enrich topics discussed in class.  We strongly encourage you to do at least one activity per week.

  • Write sight words or spelling words using sidewalk chalk or beans.
  • Counting games.  Count by twos, fives and tens as high as you can go!
  • Create a count down to Thanksgiving.  This will provide practice counting backwards.
  • Have your child help write the shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Practice sound spelling.  Label items in your bedroom with note cards.
  • Sort coins.  Determine how much money you have in pennies, nickels and dimes!!!
  • Visit the library and check out books about Thanksgiving, animal habitats and friendship.  Don’t forget to list each one you read on your book it sheet.
  • Bake cookies with mom, dad or grandma.  Dye frosting to show the primary and secondary colors.
  • Go for a walk with your family and listen to the leaves crunch under your feet.

Mrs. Smith and Miss Reimink