2nd Grade – Smith

December Newsletter

Weather Watch
Outdoor recess will continue unless the temperature is 10 degrees or below. Your child needs to wear gloves, hat, snow pants and boots to keep warm and dry while outside. Students are responsible to bring a pair of shoes if they wear their boots to school. Winter gear may be left at school throughout the week. Don’t forget to label everything!

Book It!
Our goal for the month of December is 20 minutes a day. Please encourage your child to read aloud to you each night. This will provide opportunities to explore reading with expression. Book it logs are due on Monday, January 8th

Fun Educational Ideas to Do At Home:

  • Build a snowman together
  • Have a hot chocolate party.  Dip and stir with a candy cane.  Read a holiday book together.
  • Pop popcorn and watch a holiday movie as a family.
  • Bake cookies.  Have your child help with reading the recipe.
  • Write a list of wants and needs in ABC order.
  • Write holiday cards together.  Encourage them to address the envelops!

Holiday Party
Information regarding the “holiday read in” will be sent home as the date comes closer.  here are two other activities we will do to celebrate the holiday season.

Pencil Swap
This year we are going to participate in a pencil swap. Each child will need to bring in 20 identical pencils. The pencils can be glittery, have pictures, eraser tops or anything cool your child would love to share.  Each student who brings in 14 pencils will receive 20 different pencils, one from each classmate and teacher. This activity will provide something they always seem to need—PENCILS!!!

Book Exchange
Like the pencil swap, each student will need to bring in 1 book. Please do not spend over $10.00. We would like the books wrapped, and labeled for boy, girl, or either. During the party, we will play a game where each student will get a chance to pick a book. Your child will then bring home a new book to read over break.

Have a safe and happy holiday,
Mrs. Smith and Miss Reimink