2nd Grade – Muskovin

April News

As we move into the end of the school year with our last quarter, we still have a lot to learn. At the very end of the month, we will be starting our last session of NWEA testing, so we will spend some time reviewing for that.

In math we will be learning how to multiply. We will start to work on memorizing our multiplication facts 1-5. We will also be studying decimals and learning how to do simple division.

In science, we will finish our studies with temperature and weather. As Spring approaches, it brings many different types of weather patterns. We will record temperatures and discover ways to keep safe in the many different weather situations. We will also learn about famous scientists and their contributions to the field.

In social studies, we will continue with our geography studies, locating the continents and oceans on a map and identifying different types of landforms.

We will have finished our Health objectives, completing many gym objectives off site. We will go back and review objectives for mastery and comprehension.

For language arts, we will continue to work on increasing our reading abilities. In
reading, we will continue to work on comprehension concepts. In our writing,
we will continue to work on expanding our ideas and becoming even more
detailed with what we write.

Mrs. Muskovin ~ Miss Knight