2nd Grade – Muskovin

January News

Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a great vacation. We can’t believe it’s already a new year! For the month of January, we will be practice putting words in alphabetical order by the second letter. We will also be learning how to use a dictionary.

In math, we will be learning how to round numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds. We will learn how to tell time to the minute and subtract two and three digit numbers with regrouping.

In reading and writing, the class will learn the difference between facts and opinions. We will be also be studying how to use commas and quotations.

For science, we will begin our unit on motion and the forces that affect it. In health, we will focus on our teeth- the different types and how to keep them healthy.

In social studies, the students will continue with the government unit and start to look at some basic economic ideas.

Mrs. Muskovin ~ Miss Knight