2nd Grade – Cropsey

October Newsletter

Fall has arrived!  We have had a wonderful start to our school year.

Busy bee reading groups has each student in a reading group at their reading levels with other students and they focus on new concepts and skills to help them improve throughout the school year.

Our field trip to Gull Meadows Farm will include fun activities like a wagon ride, picking apples from an apple tree, learning about plants, and petting farm animals. We look forward to some fall fun!

Support our school by coming to McDonalds by Arbor Academy and enjoying a tasty treat on McEducator night.

We will be enjoying fun activities and treats on Friday, October 28th; we welcome parents to attend and participate in our fun events and activities.

Please remember to send jackets or coats with your student as the weather begins to get cold.

Let’s have a great October!

Mrs. Cropsey