2nd Grade – Muskovin


For the month of November our class will be learning many new and exciting things. In math students will be learning how to read and create different types of graphs. We will be practicing our addition and subtraction facts and learning how to add two digit numbers with carrying.

The class has been doing a great job learning how to do the Daily Five for reading. Keep up the good work!!!! We will continue to build stamina in all five stations: read to self, read to someone, listening to reading, word work, and writing.

For grammar, we will be learning how to identify nouns, pronouns, and verbs. Students have been working hard writing in their journals and using the writing process on writing assignments.

In science, we will be starting our planet unit. We will be learning about the Earth, Moon and Sun. We will also study the planets.

In social studies, we will study and learn about our government.

Mrs. Muskovin