2nd Grade – Muskovin


For the month of October, we will be enjoying many fall activities. At the beginning of the month, we will be planning a field trip to a pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch we will go for a hayride, pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, and have apple cider and donuts for a snack.

In grammar, we will be focusing on different r blends, s blends, l blends, and different blends that come at the end of words. We will continue doing EBLI on our white boards. In EBLI students learn different word blends and sounds.

In Reading, students will be placed in guided reading groups and will be reading books at their individual reading level.

In science, we will be starting our solar system unit.

For social studies, the class will be studying communities.

During math, we will be practicing our addition and subtraction facts. Students will be learning how to add two digit numbers with carrying. We will continue to work on place value and learn how to do expanded form.

Mrs. Muskovin