2nd Grade – Knight

October News Letter

I cannot believe it is already October! September flew right by! We have some exciting events coming up in October! On Wednesday, October 21 the second classes will be going on a field trip to Gull Meadow Farms. We will go on a hayride, pick apples, and have apple cider with a donut! At the end of the month we will also have our Halloween party! There will be more information on our party in the coming week.

We have been working really hard on following expectations in our class. We are continuing to work on those expectations, especially listening when others are speaking, lining up quietly, worrying about ourselves instead of others, and getting all of our work completed. I know some of our students have shown excellent manners every time and we hope to have everyone doing that same thing as well. We go over our CHAMPS expectations every day. It would be a great idea to review how to be a champ in the classroom with your child using the Arbor Academy Behavior Matrix on the flyer that went home to inform parents about our new behavior system.

In reading and writing, we have been working hard on staying quiet and following along the whole time we are reading or writing a story. We have been reviewing punctuation, nouns, verbs, and spacing.

In science we have been learning about electricity and friction. The students have been able to participate in fun activities to show them exactly how it works. In social studies, we have been covering communities and the people within each one.

For math, we have been practicing with number lines, addition, and subtraction. This month they will be working on odd and even numbers.

Ms. Knight and Mrs. Kearney