2nd Grade – Armstrong

October Newsletter

In Our Classroom
Second grade has begun! I am so pleased to have your students’ as a part of our classroom environment. We’ve been working hard in all areas, including listening and following directions. We are going to have a great year!

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we complete the important tasks of reading and writing. Reading begins with sound and word practice utilizing the sound reading framework and skills including retelling. Writing begins with sentence formation, punctuation and technique.

Math is beginning with an exploration of numbers and counting – including place value. Continuing forward, we will be working hard on addition and subtraction as well as many other aspects of understanding numbers.

Science/Social Studies
Science is an exploration and observation of weather terms and types. Social studies is learning all about community, goods, and services.

Specials: PE/Music/Art
We are learning to draw from personal perspective, move and clap to the beat of music, and the importance of water, staying hydrated, and exercising.

Please check for important papers, including homework, in your student’s backpack nightly – the blue folder.