2nd Grade – Knight

May Newsletter

We cannot believe that we have already made it to May! We received our chicken eggs last month and have been tracking their growth in our incubators. We are super excited and have had 6 eggs hatch so far!

The students have been working hard at preparing/taking their NWEA tests. We have finished taking our Math and Reading. We will finish up our testing the first week in May.

What a fun month we have coming up in June .We have lots of fun activities planned. Talent show, a field trip, field day, career day, and donuts for dad’s to name a few. Our last day of school is June 10th, which is a ½ day! Wahoo!  Stay tuned for event dates in our June newsletter!

We hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and takes advantage of going outside. Please remember to have your child bring a light coat as it still could be chilly when we go out for recess!  :smile:

Ms. Knight and Mrs. Kearney