2nd Grade – Armstrong

June Newsletter

In room 105, we are currently working on completing our learning objectives for this school year and will be reviewing and preparing for 3rd grade, also. We will continue working hard in all subject areas until the end of school on June 14th. Reading homework will continue to come home on Monday night, to be completed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Math homework will be coming on Tuesday, and Thursday

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we are still working on sound codes from Phonics International. We will be working on spelling, grammar, and reviewing all major aspects of Language Arts that will continue to be a major part of the student’s education on-going throughout the years. Specifically, we will be practicing retelling, writing, and parts of speech.

Science/Social Studies
Science: We are going to be reviewing concepts such as sound, life cycles, and mechanics.

Social Studies: We are going to be reviewing map skills, and the continents and locations.

We recently finished up learning about 3-D shapes, congruent shapes, and line segments. We are currently working on probability and discussing the likelihood of an event happening. We will finish off our math objectives in the next few weeks. We will be working on memorizing multiplication and subtraction facts. We will also spend time on reviewing old objectives.

Specials:  PE/Music/Art
PE/Health – Practicing soccer, baseball, and basketball and reviewing health objectives.

Art – Creation of artwork.

Music – Listening to and examining musical sounds.

Reminders to Students and Parents
Keep your heads up, summer is almost here!!!