2nd Grade – Armstrong

December Newsletter

Room 105 is busy learning! We’ve been focused on sound codes for the Sound Reading Framework, habitats and the animals that live in them for science, and number explorations for math. We will soon be practicing addition and subtraction, as well.

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we have been continuing to practice our sound codes for Phonics International. We are becoming experts at sounding out words with these new codes! We’ve also began exploring informational texts and the features they have that help us to navigate them.

Science/Social Studies
Science: We are discussing habitats and the environment and are soon to learn about life cycles of plants and animals!

Social Studies: We will be learning about our Core Democratic Values and rules vs. laws.

We have been working hard on measurement the past few weeks. We began with inches, centimeters, meters, feet, and yards. We moved on to area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. We also began differentiating odd and even numbers and figuring out when we add two numbers together if we get an odd or even answer.

Specials:  PE/Music/Art
PE/Health – The importance of eating right and taking care of you body.

Art – Landscapes and other beautiful works of art.

Music – Hearing different pitches in music and both clapping and moving to rhythms.

Reminders to Students and Parents
Thank you all for coming to parent teacher conferences this week! We love to see your interest in your child’s schooling! We also love sharing all of the positives that are taking place here!