3rd Grade – Gibson

September Newsletter

Hello and welcome back! I will be your child’s third grade teacher and I am THRILLED to have them in my class! I hope this letter answers any questions you may have about Oakland and our classroom in particular. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

School – Wide Procedures:
School starts every day at 8:20 am; student can enter the room at 8:15.  Students are not allowed in the building until 8 am.  The driveway can become very busy during this time, so if you need to talk to a teacher or the principal, please park in a parking space and then come into the building.  The students should wait in the 3rd grade line which is located under our classroom bulletin board. School dismisses each day at 3:30 pm.  To help the traffic flow, please wait in your car and a teacher will bring your child to the car. We ask that you please continue to pull forward with the flow of traffic before and after school. Our goal is to keep traffic moving and keep everyone safe.

Assignment books/planners
This year the students will be using a planner to keep track of their assignments every day.  Every morning I will go over what is being covered for that day and write down the assignments for each subject.  This will help students begin to keep organized and aware of their assignments.  This is a great resource for you, as a parent, to see what your child is learning each day in class.  Each night I am asking you to sign the current page of the planner so I know you have seen it.  The assignment book signature is ALWAYS due the following morning.  I will check them each morning, and the student will receive a sticker to put next to the parent’s signature.  If a student continually forgets to have his or her planner signed, he/she will woe 5 minutes at recess.   The goal is to get students into the habit now as they will be using a planner in every grade after third.

Classroom Management
At Oakland Academy all classrooms use a card system to manage behaviors.  When a student enters a class, he/she will always begin on green (which means they are appropriate and doing well).  If a student is not behaving, working or staying on task during the day, his/her card will be flipped to yellow.  If this occurs, your child will owe 10 minutes of their recess/free time.  If the improper behavior does not stop, or behaviors worsen, the student’s card will be flipped to red.  This will result in an additional 10 minutes of recess/free time, and will result in having a behavior form filled out and a call/note home to parents.

In our classroom, I use a clip chart in addition to the card system. This allows for rewards if the student is having an extraordinary day as he/she can move above green to blue, purple, and pink. Raffle tickets will be given out for awesome behavior.

Again, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by writing in your student’s planner or by calling the school at 324-8951. I look forward to getting to know you and your child this year!

Mrs. Gibson