1st Grade – Salter

November Newsletter

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences will be held the week of November 6th-10th. During our conference time we will discuss your child’s NWEA results, DIBELS testing, report card, and our classroom observations. In order to stay on schedule and meet with everyone, conferences are limited to 15 minutes each.

If you feel you did not have enough time to meet with us during your child’s conference, we can schedule  another time  to meet. Thank you for understanding these time constraints.

Character Counts Responsibility Winner:   Haleigha

Thanksgiving Break
We will not have school on Thursday, November 23 – Friday, November 24th for Thanksgiving Break.  I hope that you enjoy this time off with your family!

Addition Timed Tests
Our students have begun addition timed tests. Each student has a set of flash cards in their desk. As they master a set and pass their timed test, they are given the next set. For example: everyone started with +0 flashcards. Once a student passes their timed test for +0, they are given the +1 flashcards. This continues until we get to +10.
After a student  has mastered all of their addition facts timed tests, they are able to move to subtraction.  This allows our students to move at their own pace. We encourage addition practice at home as well.

Please aim to read 20 minutes every night with your child. This can include practicing sight words. This practice will build your child’s fluency and word recognition. Don’t forget to turn in your BOOK IT sheet at the end of the month! Your child will receive a coupon to Pizza Hut for a personal pizza!

Please continue to practice the weekly sight word lists with your child.

I am looking forward to a great month in first grade.  I am excited to meet with everyone during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!