1st Grade – Salter

October Newsletter

Trunk or Treat
This year, our Fall Harvest Party falls on Wednesday, October 31st. Your child may wear their costume to school that day.  Our school will enjoy a Trunk or Treat Celebration at 1:00 p.m.

During this time all classes will walk through the driveway collecting treats from parent volunteers’ cars.

After Trunk or Treat, our class will be making a craft and watching a movie (if time permits).

More information about volunteering will be sent home as the date becomes closer. Feel free to join our class during this celebration!

Appropriate School Costumes
It is important that your child’s costume is appropriate for school. Our school will not allow costumes that are scary in nature. Students may not have: weapons, fake blood, scary masks, or open toed shoes (for safety reasons). A small amount of face paint is ok, but please do not cover your child’s face. Students can wear mask during Trunk or Treat. Please make sure that your child’s  costume is warm enough for our outdoor celebration. Thanks for your support!

Character Counts
Compassion Winners:  Yashitaa & James

The character trait we re focusing on for the month of October is ‘Responsibility’. I will be looking for 1 or 2 students who display responsibility in and out of the classroom. The 2 winners will earn certificates and will have pizza lunch with Mrs. Boris at the end of the month!

Book It!
October 1st kicks off another exciting year of BOOK IT! This program encourages independent reading at home. The goal for this month is for our students to read 20 minutes per day at home (with or without a parent). Attached you will find a calendar handout that your child can fill in each day that they read. Your child can return their completed BOOK IT calendar at the end of the month to receive a coupon for a personal pizza at Pizza Hut. Happy reading!

Sight Word Practice
Please continue to practice the weekly sight words that come home with your child. Our goal is that each child would master their list of 10 words within 1 to 2 weeks, so they can move to the next list.

 It is much easier for students to memorize the sight  words, rather than sound out each word. The goal is that the child will be able to recognize the familiar sight word within 5 seconds of seeing the word. Sight word fluency benefits  reading comprehension and reading fluency.

Our goal is that each student will master the 150 sight words by the end of the first grade.

Creating flashcards at home is a great way to practice memorizing sight words.