Kindergarten – Allen-Doster

October Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We are off to a great start this year! In Kindergarten, we have been learning about the letters and their sounds, counting, classroom rules, how to write the letters, and much more! October is going to be a fun and exciting month! We will have school Picture Day, Trunk-or-Treat, and the end of the marking period! We have many new things to learn this month and I look forward to working with you to help the students meet their goals.

School Picture Day:
Our school’s “picture day” will be on Wednesday, October 10th. Please make sure your child is in the proper school uniform when he/she arrives at school. If he/she is wearing something that does not adhere to the dress code, he/she will be asked to take that off (i.e.: a red tie, etc.)

Please make sure your child knows whether or not he or she is getting breakfast/lunch each morning when he/she arrives. This will help our morning routine go more smoothly.

Trunk-or-Treat will take the place on Friday, October 27th. The students will need to bring a bag to hold all of their candy. Trunk-or-Treat will take place from 1:15-2:15 p.m. The students should wear their costumes to school that morning. More information will be sent home soon. We are looking forward to a fun day!

Costumes such as vampires, devils, evil/scary witches (“cutesy” witches are fine), ghosts or anything considered scary are not school appropriate. (If your child does wear a costume like this, he/she will not be allowed to wear it at school.) Acceptable costumes include, but are not limited to: animals, storybook or movie characters, cowboys/cowgirls, superheroes, fruits and vegetables, etc. Absolutely no weapons of any kind (including guns, swords, light sabers, etc…) Masks are not allowed to be worn at school (but if your child’s costume has a mask, he/she can wear it during Trunk-Or-Treat) and no bloody, drippy make-up or full face paint. (Minimal face paint like whiskers, noses, etc. is fine.)Thank you for your cooperation!

At the end of September, we began taking the NWEA test.  The NWEA test is an important computer test that helps us see what our students know and can help us set goals for their learning throughout the year.  Thank you for making sure that your child got a good night’s sleep and ate a healthy breakfast.  We encourage each child to do his/her best, and this is easier for students to do when they are full enough and focused! Thank you!

Character Counts:
Every month we teach the students about a new character trait such as Honesty, Respect and Fairness. I will be watching the students and picking 2 students who displayed this character trait the best. They will receive a certificate and a special treat from Mrs. Boris. Compassion was the character trait for September. Congratulations to Judah S. and Cora C. for being our September Character Counts winners! This month I will be looking for students who show responsibility in the classroom.

Thank you for your continued support and let’s have an Outstanding October!

:smile: Mrs. Allen-Doster