Kindergarten – Allen-Doster

February Newsletter

Book It!
Attached is the February reading sheet for the Book It program.  The Kindergarten goal is for all students to read 16 books with an adult this month.  Please keep track of the books your Kindergartener reads at home. Return the signed “Reading Is Yummy” worksheet by Tuesday, February 28th and your child will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut! :smile:

Valentine’s Day
On Tuesday, February 14th, we will have our classroom Valentine’s Day party in the afternoon. The students will exchange valentines, do a craft, and watch a movie. If your child wants to participate in the exchange, he or she needs to bring one valentine for each student. You will find a class list at the end of the newsletter. (We currently have 19 students.)

100th Day of School
On Tuesday, February 14th we will also be celebrating our 100th day of school! Students can wear a special decorated t-shirt containing 100 items. Some ideas are 100 pom-poms, pennies, stickers, tally marks, beads, etc. However, the students do need to wear their uniform bottoms that day. (Students who choose not to participate need to wear normal uniform clothes to school.) Thank you! :smile:

Weather Watch
The weather outside is still cold!  Please make sure your child has the proper outdoor attire including sweaters, coats, hats, boots, a pair of inside shoes, snow pants and mittens every day. If your child does not have boots, an inside pair of shoes to change into, and snow pants when it is snowy out, he or she will have to stand on the pavement part of our playground. Also, please remember to LABEL all clothing!  In case of severe weather, stay tuned to channels 3 and 8, as well as the major radio stations for school closing information.  This information should be posted by 6:30 am.

Character Counts
Last month’s character trait was Trustworthiness. We watched the students carefully and chose 2 students who we felt best exhibited this trait. Congratulations to the January Character Counts winners –Kennedy C. and Andee E.! This month’s character trait that we will be working on is Respect.  Please encourage your child to practice this trait at school.

Thank you and let’s have a fabulous February! :smile:

:smile: Mrs. Allen-Doster & Mrs. Bennett

Kindergarten Class List: