Kindergarten – Bennett

January Newsletter

What’s Going On?

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break and had time to relax and get refreshed!

This month we will be blasting off into outer space! We will be exploring topics including the earth, moon, starts and the sun.  We will be learning about pollution and how to take care of our earth, as well as shadows and weight and measurement!

As always, we will be learning more site words, working on counting higher, skip counting, and sound work! I am extremely pleased with the progress that the kids have shown during the first semester. I am excited to continue seeing the growth as we move into more difficult concepts!

NWEA testing will be taking place this month.  Please try to make sure your child does not miss any days, and eats a healthy nutritious breakfast.  It will supplement their brain and help them do better on their tests!

Please make sure you are sending  proper clothes to wear outside! If at all possible, an extra pair of shoes to keep at school would be the best! We try to keep the floors dry and clean as much as we can!

Thank you as always for your continued support!

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning” ~ Mr. Rogers