Kindergarten – Perez

January Newsletter

What we are learning in January!
Addition and Subtraction to 10
Reading/Writing:   The sounds of /y/, /w/, and long vowel sounds.
Science:   Predicting what objects in motion look like and living/non-living things.
Social Studies:   7 continents, looking at maps, globes, and U.S. facts.

NWEA Testing
Our class will be taking the NWEA test again here in a few weeks. This test allows us to see areas of growth for your child and areas where they may need more instruction. Please make sure that your child comes to school well rested so that they are able to try their best on the test.

Things to try at home…

* Play number games during everyday activities, such as counting the number of steps, the number of trucks you see while driving, or counting the number of items going in the laundry.

* Practice blending sounds into words. Ask “Can you guess what this word is? m – o – p.” Hold each sound longer than normal.

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who was able to either donate their time for our Holiday Party. The kids had a good time and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your help!

Mrs. Danielle Perez & Ms. Stryker