Kindergarten – Perez

February Newsletter

Family Sock Hop
This is a great event for the family. Put on your dancing socks and join us for this fun event. Tickets are $5 per family at the door. Each person will receive a ticket for a plate of food at the door. Additional tickets for food may be purchased for $1.

Valentine’s Day Party
We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February, 14th as a class. Please see the attached list of students to ensure that every student gets a valentine.  There will be a note coming home that will detail what will be happening this day.

Attendance/ Folders
It is very important that students arrive to school on time and ready to learn. If students arrive to school late it can affect their morning routine. It is also very important that they bring to school with them their folders. Many papers go home and it is better that they are in a folder than loosely in their backpacks.

100th Day Celebration
We will be having a 100th day of school celebration which is scheduled on February, 14th. This date may change if we have snow days between now and then. There will be a note coming home asking for donations for us to practicing counting all the way to 100 during the celebration.

Book it
Make sure to send in your January calendars so that your child can earn their free pizza. Ask your student to read to you before bed, read to a sibling, or their stuffed animal. It is very important that they continue to work on using their sight words they already know and keep building their vocabulary. We would like students to work on reading at least five days a week to help build their stamina and confidence of the reading process.

Mrs. Perez/Ms. Stryker