Kindergarten – Perez

September Newsletter

We are very excited to start this new school year with a great group of students. We are looking forward to a fun year ahead that will be filled with new experiences for your child to grow both academically and socially.

Drop off/ Pick UP
School starts every day at 8:20am. Students are not allowed in the building until 8:00am. The driveway can become very busy during this time so if you need to come into the building for any reason we ask that you please park in a designated spot and come inside. Students can come into the building starting at 8:00 am. Students will head to the cafeteria to wait until 8:15 am when their classroom teacher takes them to their room.  School dismisses each day at 3:30pm. To help with the flow of traffic we ask that you please wait in your car and we will bring your child to you.

Class Behavior
This year our school is excited to be using Class Dojo alongside a card chart system.  Class Dojo will allow you to see how your child is doing daily behavior wise. Only positive behaviors will be tracked with Class Dojo. Students will be working to earn points which they can use at our class store. At the end of every month students will be given a chance to spend their points or save them for a larger reward.  The student with the most points will be given an award at the Character Counts assembly. The card chart is more for students who need extra reminders to follow the classroom and school rules. If students are able to stay on green they will be given points for their good choices! If you haven’t already signed up for Class Dojo at the open house please use the form sent home with login information to do so. We look forward to sharing your child’s achievements with you!

Gym Shoe Reminder
Each child needs to bring a pair of gym shoes that will stay in the coat room throughout the entire year. These shoes are to only be worn when we use the gym. It would be helpful if all students could have their gym shoes here by Thursday. In case it rains, snows or is just too cold to go outside the gym will be used for indoor recess.

Uniform Guidelines
While in attendance at the Academy, students will dress neatly according to the following guidelines. Navy blue pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers (with white collared shirt underneath), or walking shorts (no sweatpants or jeans). Sweaters or fleeces that are navy, gray, or white may be worn (no sweatshirts).  Students may wear sweater vests or fleece vests in navy or gray. Navy, gray, or white socks or tights are to be worn. (solid colors only) Undershirts must be white and be free of design.

Boys: White shirts with collar such as, turtleneck, polo style shirt, button down oxford. No T-shirts, no insignias except Academy approved.

Girls: White shirts with collar such as, turtleneck, polo style shirt, button down blouse, peter-pan collared shirts. No tee– shirts, no insignias except Academy approved.

No open-toed shoes, crocs, shoes with wheels, fashion boots or cowboy boots. Students may wear tennis shoes or dress shoes. Boots will be worn for outside wear only.

Scholastic Book Clubs
This year your student will have the opportunity to take advantage of some really great resources through the Scholastic Book Clubs. Please look for a flyer to be coming home about what is on special this month. There are also many more books online that are available beyond what is advertised in the flyer. It is important that all orders are submitted online or turned into us by the due date.

Here are some expectations we have for this year:

  • Arrive at school on time and ready to learn
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Actively participate in all classroom lessons (whole and small group)
  • Have a good attitude
  • Be willing to try new things

Students will be given a school provided folder that they will need to bring to school each day.  It is the responsibility of your child to remember their folder. Important papers such as weekly progress reports, homework, and newsletters will come home in this folder. Please check this folder daily for any papers that need to be returned to school.

More information about homework will be coming home in the very near future. Homework will not be starting right away. We want to get an understanding of what skills we have within our classroom before we send additional practice home.

How to help at home

-Read to your child on a daily basis if possible. This will help to expand their vocabulary and excitement for learning to read independently.

-Ask them to practice writing their name in different colored crayons or markers.

-Have your child practice sorting objects into like groups or making patterns out of them. (Ex.. lucky charms, skittles, beads)

Mrs. Danielle Perez