Kindergarten – Hart

February Newsletter

Winter is in full swing and it is cold out. Please make sure that your child has warm clothes to wear outside and in the classroom. Just a reminder on the school uniform, students must wear white collared shirts and navy blue bottoms. If you child chooses to wear a navy blue skirt they may only wear white or gray tights/leggings. They also can only wear white, gray or navy blue sweaters over their white collared shirt.

Please practice sight words every week!!!!

Math- We will learning about graphs. We will be making graphs and answer questions about basic bar graphs.

Science- We will be discussing the moon, stars and sun and its impact on Earth.

Social Studies- We will be reviewing various presidents and also discussing black history.

Language Arts – We will be continuing EBLI and blending /segmenting letter sounds to form words.

q, x, z

Mrs. Hart