From the Principal

September, 2016

Welcome back! I have enjoyed meeting all the parents and students. Everyone has been kind and welcoming! It’s going to be a great year at Arbor Academy!

Student Behavior
I’m attaching a copy of our progressive behavior form.  This progressive form is a more consistent way to handle behavior. The rubric outlines the consequences your child may receive if they choose to act in one of the 5 levels.  Feel free to keep the rubric at home to reference, if needed.  Please keep in mind that the rubric is a guideline and that administration retains flexibility.

Arbor Staff
This school year we have had some staffing changes. This year we have Katie Edwards teaching Kindergarten, Becky Cropsey teaching 2nd, Mary Kearney teaching 3rd grade, and Amanda Roth teaching 5th grade. We have Nathan Runyon joining Sally Lemley in 3rd grade. We have Kelsey Oliver who is joining both Lisa Newberry and Becca Hart in 4th grade. Ed Loppnow is co-teaching with Mary Jones in 2nd grade.  We are still working on hiring more teachers to join the Arbor staff.

Safety Reminder
We would appreciate it if students did not arrive at school in the morning until 8:00 am.  We have supervision available at that time.  Students are not to be dropped off at the center island between schools.  There is absolutely no parking in the fire lane even if it’s only for a brief period. Parents may park in the parking lot or available spaces in the middle island and walk their child to class.  For parents dropping off at the K-3 building, please remember to turn left before the CDC drive, and then exit or proceed to the 3-6 building.  Small children are present under the CDC canopy quite frequently, and drive thru traffic for school drop off is prohibited. A reminder to parents to please not leave your car unattended in the circle drive between 8:00 – 8:30 am and between 3:00 – 3:35 pm.  This allows us to provide a free flow of traffic and to safely unload/load the students into your car.

Uniform Policy
I would like to review the uniform policy for Arbor Academy.  We have to keep the building a little cooler over the next few weeks due to testing in the computer lab.  Your child can wear a sweater but it has to follow the dress code (no hood, solid gray, navy, or white sweater). All students are to be dressed neatly according to the following guidelines:

  • Navy blue pants, skirts, or walking shorts (not sweatpants or blue jeans)
  • White shirts with collars, bearing no insignias other than the Arbor Academy logo (no crew neck T-shirts)
  • Any visible undershirts must also be white (no navy polos or navy dresses)
  • Shirts worn underneath a white collared shirt MUST be white bearing no insignias.
  • Navy or gray sweaters (no sweatshirts)
  • Navy, gray or white socks or tights (solid color only)
  • No open-toed shoes, crocs, heels or shoes with wheels.

*Parents will be contacted to correct the situation if a student is in violation of the dress code.

Art Prize Field Trip
2nd-4th grade will be attending Art Prize in Grand Rapids on September 27th from 8:45-2:30.  This is a free event for students in grades 2nd-4th only!  All students will need a sack lunch! Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a jacket.

Important Dates to Remember:

September 19th-October 10th-NWEA MAP Testing Window
September 27th-Field Trip for 2nd-4th Grades Only to Art Prize
September 30th-Picture Day (wear your uniform)
September 30th-4th grade Fundraiser Due
October 18th-McEducator Night from 5-7pm
October 20th-21st-Hearing and Vision Testing
October 27th-Arbor Board Meeting at 4:00pm
October 28th-Trunk or Treat (more information will come home soon)

Look for my newsletter each month and feel free to contact me with your questions or feedback.

Brandy Resman
Principal, Arbor Academy