From the Principal

June 3, 2016

Thank you parents, students, and staff for such a wonderful year! Seventy two percent of our students met their goals! Great job! I appreciate the support and the learning opportunities you all provided.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful environment to work in.  I look forward to seeing you all next year.  Have a safe and relaxing summer.  I will see you all on July 19th for the summer work book check-in from 6-7pm.  We will have bounce houses and dinner! Every student who returns their packet will receive either a bronze, silver, or gold medal based on the amount of pages completed. If you are attending another school next year please return your completed packet and I will order you a medal! Any student who writes me a letter over the summer I promise to write you back. –Mrs. Martin

Field Day is on June 7th, if you’re so moved and are available, please feel free to come and celebrate your child’s year with us! Lunch will be served from 11-12, all family members are welcome!

Arbor Academy office hours are 9:00-12 Monday-Thursday and Friday 8:00-12. We are open later on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00-4.

On behalf of the entire Arbor Academy staff, THANK YOU for sharing your child(ren) with us this year! We are looking forward to our final 5 days together, and we then wish you a fantastic summer filled with fun, family, memories and laughter!

Wrapping Up the School Year

As children approach the end of the school year, they will experience a variety of emotions.  Some children will feel happy and excited, embracing the change and looking forward to summer.  Other children will feel anxious about the change in routine.  Still other children will feel sad about saying goodbye to their teacher and classmates.  For many children, the end of the school year will be be bittersweet as they experience all of these emotions at different times.

It is important to maintain a routine between now and next Friday afternoon when school is out for the summer.  Even though the weather is nice and its stays light so late at night, keep your evening rituals and bedtimes the same as much as possible.  Talk to your child each night about their upcoming day and go over any special things that will be occurring in school so that it won’t be a surprise to them (such as picnics or Field Day).  Consider making a calendar or paper chain countdown so your child can visualize the timing of the end of the school year.  Encourage your child to write down memories from the school year as a keepsake or to share with their teacher in an end-of-the year card.  If you took first day of school pictures, show them to your child to see how much she/he has grown during the year.  Celebrate their learning that has taken place during the school year!

Thank you,
Mrs. Melissa Martin