From the Principal

October, 2014

Halloween activities will be organized by each classroom Thursday morning, October 30th. We request that toy weapons or anything that promotes violence not be brought to school as part of a Halloween costume. They are wearing costume to school because it’s a half day.

On Thursday morning, October 30th, the PTO will host our annual Trunk or Treat event. Volunteers are to be here at 9:30. Parents and staff will be outside to help line up the cars. Students will begin Trunk or Treating at 10:00. We need lots of candy donated. Please drop your donations off in the office. We do not have very many families signed up to hand out candy. Grandparents and aunt/uncles are welcome to hand out candy. I hope to see you there.

October 30th is a half day! Dismissal is at 11:30.
There is no school on October 31st.

NEWS ABOUT MIDDLE SCHOOL-At this time the management company is pursuing a matriculation agreement with Lakeview Middle School. That means our students would be able to attend middle school and high school at Lakeview. Right now School of Choice prevents some of Arbor’s students from attending Lakeview.

Some students had been bringing in food to heat up for lunch. We will no longer be heating up food for students. Please bring soup or macaroni and cheese in a thermos to stay warm.

School aged kids who are too big for a forward facing car seat should use a belt positioning booster seat until the child is 4 feet 9 inches or between 8 and 12 years old. Older kids are recommended to use seat belts in the back seat until they reach the age 13; at 13 it is considered safe for the teen to move to the front seat.

Safe Kids Coalition Car Seat Check-UP
Saturday, November 8th from 12-4pm, at Cole Nissan 3003 Stadium DR. Kalamazoo

Many of you have had to play defense ever since the Detroit Free Press launched its agenda-driven and inaccurate attack on charter schools in late June. We knew the truth, but we’ve all been forced to defend ourselves against the Free Press’ untrue charges that charter schools are unaccountable and out of control. We’ve known all along that the Free Press got it wrong. And now, we finally have an independent, in-depth analysis that documents just how badly the Free Press got it wrong. The Media Bullpen is an independent, Washington-based organization that acts as a watchdog for education reporters around the country. The Media Bullpen is staffed by journalists – people in the field themselves – and their mission is to look at how media members around the country report on education issues. The Media Bullpen did a deep dive on the Free Press’ charter series, scouring all 42 articles to see what they got right and what they got wrong. They released their report today.

Their final analysis: Only 10 percent of what the Free Press printed was accurate.

You’ll probably see other media outlets covering the Media Bullpen’s report this week, but I wanted to make sure you saw it right away. With so many important issues facing public education in our state, we need all parties involved – including the news media – to work toward finding real solutions to the problems we face. As the Media Bullpen points out, the Free Press was more interested in advancing an agenda than it was in truly helping kids.

Thank you,
Melissa Martin