From the Principal

March 27, 2015

It feels like spring! ~Mrs. Melissa Martin

March is Reading month at Arbor!!!!!

Lost and Found
Please claim your belongings, stop by the K-2 and 3-6 buildings and check out the lost and found. There are coats, gloves, sweaters, etc.

Dress Code
While in attendance at the Academy, students will dress neatly according to the following guidelines: Navy blue pants, skirts, skorts or jumpers. White shirts with collars and NO sweatshirts. NO open toed shoes. Students cannot wear sweatshirts of various colors, nor are they to wear long or short sleeve undershirts of various colors. Please adhere to the uniform policy of a white shirt with collar and blue bottoms. Sweaters of grey, blue and white are allowable.

Student of the Week
This month we are celebrating several outstanding students. They were selected by their teachers to be awarded the Student of the Week Award. These students have earned a no uniform coupon for their achievements.
Xzavionna Reed in 5th grade, Andrew McKee in 5th grade, Tyler Crandall in 1st grade, Andres Rugel in 4th grade, and Loryn Hicks in 1st grade.
Great job, we are proud of you!

April 2 ~ Jump Rope for Heart
April 3-10 ~ Spring Break :smile:
April 22 ~ Open house 12-3:00
April 25 ~ Guys on the Go Race
May 20 ~ Open House ~ 4-6:00
May 25 ~ No School
May 29 ~ Girls on the Run
June 5 ~ Half Day
June 8 ~ Field Day/Half Day

Thank you,
Melissa Martin