From the Principal

November, 2014

We still have several parents that need to meet with their child’s teacher for fall conferences. We expect that all of our parents will attend a conference. Report cards are distributed at that time.

Every year during conferences we send home parent surveys. As a charter school we take a different approach to education. We use the information from your surveys to grow as a high achieving school. We need to hear about both the things we do that are great, as well as things we need to improve upon. However, you don’t need to wait for these surveys to let us know what’s troubling you about the Academy. If at any time that you feel there is a problem at the school, or you feel strongly about something we do, please meet with me to resolve the issue. I firmly believe that it takes a team to make a school GREAT. We can’t fix what we don’t know is broken. If Arbor is not meeting your expectations then we need to discuss how to better meet your student’s needs.

I have not been doing a good enough job bragging about some of the GREAT things Arbor is doing. For example, every year we spend a lot of time talking about our NWEA MAP performance and how our students are scoring at the top of the nation. This fall Arbor scored significantly higher than we did the previous fall. Using the NWEA RIT score projection we have a lot of confidence that this year’s spring MEAP test scores will be much higher.

Every principal note you hear about new programs or events we have going but what about the rest? This year Arbor’s goal is to create a more collaborative culture. What does that mean exactly? That means that Arbor is going to value collaboration, culture, consistency, and communication. We want our children to be respected within the classroom and we expect respect back. We are going to build relationships among parents, staff, and students. As a staff we are going to be consistent in addressing behavior. Finally we are going to share a lot of communication whether it be daily talks at the car, weekly progress reports, principal notes, or monthly newsletters. I want students and teachers to be proud of where they come every day. I believe as a team we can accomplish this goal and create a high-achieving and fun learning environment.

November 26th-28th No School
December 5th A Little Bit Frozen at Lakeview Middle School
December 15th-19th
 Santa Store
December 22nd  Winter Break

Thank you,
Melissa Martin