4th Grade – Hentges

February Newsletter

Dear 4th grade families,

Please review all of the flyers and papers that your child(s) is/are bringing home. There are a few upcoming events that we have. On February 14th it will be a non-uniform day and our class will be having a celebration in the afternoon. This week we are working on organizing fractions on a number line in Math. We are also talking about the three ways in which heat transfers. The science fair is coming up. Your child may do their own science experiment or participate with the class  for our class experiment. Extra rewards are given to students who choose to enter their own Science experiments. If you have any more questions about the science fair as your child for the Science Fair packet. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask when Mr. Hentges escorts your child to your vehicle.

Have a great day!
Chris Hentges