4th Grade – Lemley

March Newsletter

        March is reading month! Our door celebrates our favorite book. Please stop in and see what the fourth grade loves to read. There will also be many reading activities throughout the month to celebrate our love of reading. So please encourage your student to read, read, read!

Our end of the year NWEA testing will be held during April. These tests measure how well we have done this year as fourth graders. They also give us a good picture of how our students compare to others around the country.

In math we will be working with coordinates and geometry. As well as reviewing all previous math concepts to prepare us for the NWEA tests.

Our unit on economics will be studied in March as well. We will be learning all about our economy and how the world is interconnected.   Science will be covering simple machines and the way work is made easier by using them.

Please make sure you sign up for conferences as soon as the note comes out. This will guarantee you a time of your choosing. The expectation is that all parents will attend parent-teacher conferences. We look forward to seeing you all then.