4th Grade – Hart

December Newsletter

We have a busy month planned. I will continue to send home homework every Monday, and it will be due on that Friday. Please continue to read the books coming home with your child every night, also continue to practice your child’s multiplication facts with them throughout the week.

We will be starting a new program called “Busy Bees”. This will be done on Mondays- Thursdays starting at 8:10. The students are to go to their classrooms and drop off their books and jackets, and then at 8:10 they will go to their designated class, to start our “Busy Bee” program. It’s important that your child is at school on time to ensure that they get the most from this program.

What we will be learning:

Important details, characters, setting and events in a story.
Commas, quotations, write a Narrative.

/ur/,/er/,/ir/ /le/, /el/, /al/ /an/,/on/,/um/,/om/

Review Division equations and word problems. Discuss graphs, tables and charts.

Minerals, soil, wind, air masses, and fronts

Social Studies-
Southwest Region. (states, capitals, culture, climate)