4th Grade – Hentges

October Newsletter

We have had a great first few weeks spending time to get to know one another and establishing routines in our classroom. We have a great class and we’re looking forward to all of the learning that will take place this year. A newsletter will be sent out every month explaining what we will be learning, important dates, and also any reminders.

Reading: As always students have homework Monday-Thursday which is 20 minutes of reading homework. 

Math: In math this month we will be working area, coordinates, lines, greater than and less than and symmetry.

Writing: This month we will be focusing on learning how to write the sounds they hear in words. We will be using sound boxes for words and definitions so students can have an easier time spelling words.  The students have been enjoying writing about themselves every day. We will also start writing creative stories as well. If there are any questions you may come and talk to me after school.

Chris Hentges