4th Grade – Lemley

March Newsletter

We have been very busy in the fourth grade working with fractions, doing science experiments, and studying the economy. With all of the snow days this winter we have really had to work hard to cover all the content of our curriculum.

This March we will be studying our government in social studies. Math will include the study of decimals and coordinate charts. Science will be covering electricity and simple machines.

Our classroom economy is going very well. Many of our students have benefited by the good choices they make in the classroom. If any families would like to donate to our classroom store, this would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be anything, from baked goods to toys and supplies used in the classroom.

With spring about to begin we will be getting outside a lot more, so it’s important that all students come prepared to go outside for recess. The playgrounds can be muddy, so boots are a good idea.

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held the week of March 24th. It is an expectation that 100% of our Arbor parents attend their child’s conference. Sign up slips will be sent out early in the month.

Mrs. Lemley and Mr. Mathews