4th Grade – Lemley

November Newsletter

As the colder weather begins, please make sure your student is coming to school prepared to go outside for recess. We go outside every day, unless it is raining or below 10 degrees.

Our Fall Conferences are being held on November 4th and 6th this year. The expectation of Arbor Academy is that all parents will attend the two conferences dates we have during the school year.

Please remember that Arbor always helps out families over the holiday season. Fourth grade is responsible for bringing in soap products for the baskets we will be distributing this year.   Please give if you are able.

We are currently working with double digit multiplication. For some students this has become a struggle, due to the fact that they do not know their multiplication facts. We have spent many in-class hours practicing; however we are no longer able to devote more time to the learning of these facts. Therefore, we are asking each family and student to work daily on these facts. An easy way to do this is to use a flashcard deck and spend a few minutes each day practicing. Further success in math will depend on each student knowing their facts since math is a linear subject and built upon previous knowledge of math concepts.

In Social Studies we are currently studying the states and capitals of the Midwest region. We will be completing our study with the Southwest and West region by the end of the year. Each student should continue to learn their states and capitals to be ready for the end of the unit test over all of them.