Happy October!

Hope you and your families are getting into a routine! Thank you for helping us with dropping off/picking up students at the various doors to help keep social distancing. I know learning is looking different for all students and it is taking a team approach more than ever. The adjustments your family has made is much appreciated. Please continue to reach out to your teachers for any questions you may have!

Events/Helpful Tips:

Masks: We are going through masks at an alarming rate! We see many students in the office several times a day to get a new mask. Please consider getting your child several cloth masks that are much sturdier than the masks we provide. We haven’t been able to order any child size masks, so the kids are using adult masks, which don’t really fit!

Book Fair: The Scholastic Book Fair will be held from October 20- October 22. The kids will have a chance to preview the books before that day, so you will have some idea of their choices!

PTO is looking for members! Please let Ms. Brenda (in the office) know if you are interested in being a member! Hope you will join us.

Please read with your children every night either by e-books or library books. Creating that ritual every evening, makes for some pretty special memories; Let alone the difference in the learning it will make for them!

Absences: Please remember to call the school as soon as you know your child will be absent or tardy that day.

Dismissal: The day ends at 3:30. Students will be escorted to their assigned exit door. If your child has an appointment throughout the day, the front office will work with you in regard to having your child brought to the office.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be occurring in the beginning of November. Teachers will be setting up ZOOM conferences soon! We look forward to sharing the progress your child is making!

Take care and stay well!

Angela Smith
Principal, Forest Academy