3rd Grade – Ymker

November Newsletter

A brief overview of what we will be working on this month:

  • Math – We will be learning more about telling time to the minute, as well as multiplying by multiple digits. We will also continue to work on our timed multiplication tests.
  • Reading – Students will identify the author’s purpose in writing and explore what the author’s intent was in a writing piece
  • Spelling – Students will be working on sight words and words with long e and long o. There will be no spelling words the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Writing – Students will each be working on composing and writing a narrative piece.
  • Social Studies – We will begin to look at the economic impact on Michigan and its people.
  • Science – We will be exploring conservation, resources and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

How You Can Help:

  • Practice multiplication facts at home
  • Work on spelling words
    • Spelling packets
    • Spelling words out of pasta

Cold Weather Gear
As the weather is changing please be sure to send your child with the appropriate clothing to go outside for recess. Students also need to have an extra pair of shoes or boots to go outside in. This will help keep our room mud free.

Fall Conferences
Fall conference slips have already been sent home and I am eagerly awaiting meeting with each and every one of you to discuss your students’ progress. Conferences will take place the week of November 6th-10th. If you are unable to make your conference time please call the office and we can reschedule. Remember that here at Forest Academy we strive to achieve a 100% conference attendance. Report cards and NWEA results will be handed out at conferences. I look forward to seeing you there!

Hannah Ymker