5th/6th Grade – Rafter

September Newsletter

Teacher Message: My name is Ms. Rafter and I will be your teacher this year at Forest Academy. I am so excited that you will be in my class this year! Some of you I have taught for a number of years. For those students who are new to me, I will tell you a little about myself.  I was born and raised in Chicago. When I was a child I spent my summers with my family in Ireland. Those experiences instilled a love of traveling. In college, I studied Earth Science at Northeastern Illinois University. Later, I went back to school and received my teaching license. I still love learning about and teaching Math and Science. I have two children Gaia and Oscar. They keep me busy. I love to go biking, hiking and swimming with my family. If you have any questions feel free to call me between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Classroom Behavior Plan: We use the green, yellow, and red behavior plan in our classroom. Each day, every student begins on the green card. After a student is not following directions or misbehaves they get a warning and are placed on the yellow card. If the behavior continues then they are moved to the red card and will get a phone call home. Throughout the day, if the students’ behavior changes, they can move up or down the behavior system. This year the whole school is using Dojo as a positive behavior support. The students will collect points in Dojo to earn rewards in the class. There will be many different ways to earn points. I am very excited to use this system at school.

Gym Shoes: Students need to bring a pair of gym shoes that stay at school. The shoes will be worn only at gym. This helps keep our gym floor clean and usable for everyone.

Homework: Homework will start the second week of school. They will be given a short assignment to do daily. Students will be expected to work on big projects and papers at home as well as in school. I will communicate the due dates of these projects through planners.

Uniforms: Students need to wear navy blue pants or skirts. They cannot wear sweatpants or jeans. They need to wear plain white collared shirts. Undershirts need to be white with no designs. When it is cold, students can wear sweaters. The sweaters have to be plain gray, white, or navy. Boots cannot be worn during school, but students can change into their boots to play outside.