6th Grade – Rafter

February Newsletter

Reading– We will continue to work on Daily 5.  We will begin to learn how to analyze book’s in literary terms. This skill is necessary for high school.   We will begin to read different styles of poetry. The poetry Unit will continue into March.

Math– The sixth grade will begin graphing linear and nonlinear problems on the x and y axis. We will also be reviewing many objectives from this past year.

Science –In Science, we will explore Space. I am looking forward to exploring the physics of Space with them.

Social Studies-In Social Studies, we will explore different forms of government from around the world.

At Home—Make sure your child is reading every day. As they read have them point out one literary element they noticed in their book. Does the author use figurative language? Are their metaphors in the book? This will help them with their comprehension.

Water FountainMany students enjoy getting drinks from the water fountain by the cafeteria. Unfortunately, the bathroom by this water fountain cannot be used without supervision. I have advised students to bring a water bottle that they can fill up and bring back to class. If they need a drink and do not have a water bottle, they will have to use the fountain that is near the fifth grade classrooms.

The Sock Hop- On Friday February 7th our school is having its annual sock hop.  It will be a lot of fun. Please join us at the dance. There will be dancing and refreshments.

HomeworkMany students have stopped turning in homework. Starting in February, Students who do not get their homework done by Friday will have to finish it by the following Monday or they will have detention. In addition, math and language Arts worksheets that are not finished in class will have to be finished as homework. I hope this helps to motivate students to do their homework.