4th Grade – Bottema

January Newsletter

Colder weather is here:  Please be sure to bring your child to school ready to go outside and play in the elements.  Students need to bring coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, and boots to school during snowy times.  Students will not be allowed to play in the snow if they don’t have snow pants to wear.  Students will be allowed to go outside, but they will need to stay on the blacktop where there is no snow.  Unless the temperature is 10 degrees or less, we will be going outside.  Please send your child to school prepared.

Gym Shoes: All students need to have a pair of shoes just to wear in the gym.  We are blessed with a very nice gym and we need to keep it that way.  Students who don’t come to school with or keep gym shoes in their locker will not be allowed to participate in the fun activities.  Please remind your child that we have gym every Tuesday.

NWEA Testing: Our winter testing will begin Monday, January 15th.  The fourth graders will be tested in the areas of Math and Reading.  Please be sure your child is well rested during these times.

Donations: Thank you to everyone who donated toiletry items for the YWCA Women’s Shelter.  All of the donations were greatly appreciated by all of the women at the shelter.  These donations have helped many women receive things they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Report Cards: Report cards will be coming home on Friday, January 19th.  Please look for those in your child’s Friday folder.  This is a non-conference time.  If any parents want to meet with us, please let us know.  We will schedule a time that works!

Activities to do at home: Read a chapter out of a book.  Discuss what happened and try to predict what will happen next.

Contact Us!: Please feel free to call us at 269-488-2315 with any questions, comments or concerns.  We are at school from 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

Mrs. Bottema and Mrs. Shurter