1st Grade – Trebing

September Newsletter

What we are learning this month!
As we settle into our daily routine in first grade, we will begin to dive deeper into our core subjects. Here is what we are learning this month!

Math: We will begin learning about 2D and 4D shapes.

Social Studies: We will discuss the basic needs and wants of humans.

Science: In science we will begin talking about animals, their needs and habitats.

Reading: We are continuing to configure appropriate reading groups.

Writing: In writing we are working on simple sentence structure as well as appropriate first grade handwriting.

Helpful Tidbits
September is an exciting, and very busy month for all of us! Now that school has started, it is important to stick to a daily routine that works for you and your child.

*Take the pledge to read with your child 20 minutes every day. Your example reinforces the importance of literacy and reading lets you and your child explore new adventures together.

*Be enthusiastic about your child’s learning!  If you are excited and confident, they will be, too! :smile:

Blue Forest Academy Folders are to be returned daily to school. Please check your child’s backpack each evening for important notes, school work, and weekly previews. :smile:

Paint shirts: We love to do arts and crafts in first grade! This also means that our white uniform shirts have the ability to get a little messy! If you have an old, large t-shirt that can get dirty, please send it to school. There is a paint shirt basket in the classroom where we will store them all year.  Thank you