5th Grade – Medema

September Newsletter

Hello! My name is Mrs. Medema. This is my 6th year teaching 5th grade, and absolutely love it. I had a wonderful summer at home with my boys and am eager to get back to work. I am looking forward to a great year with a bunch of new faces. Everyone is doing a great job learning the rules and procedures in our classroom. :smile:

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Taylor, and I will be working with Mrs. Medema this year.  I have been working in education for 17 years.  Most recently, I worked at Evergreen Child Development Center with the 3 and 4 year olds.  I love to help kids succeed and enjoy school!  I loved meeting you and the kids, and I look forward to working hard and having fun this year!

Thank you!
I would like to thank you for all the supply donations. We got a lot of great stuff that will get used throughout the year.

Classroom News

  • We will be doing a short period of review in most subject areas in the early part of September. If your child doesn’t already have their multiplication and division facts memorized, they should practice them at home. Practicing at home will help build confidence with harder concepts.
  • In science we will be exploring different cells.
  • In language arts we will review sentence fragments, types of sentences, and punctuation. Please feel free to practice any of these topics at home.
  • In social studies we will be exploring the 5 Themes of Geography, where we live, primary vs. secondary resources, and start talking colonization.

Class DOJO
We will be doing class Dojo again at Forest. We are going to focus mainly on the positive behaviors that we notice. Each student has the opportunity to earn points throughout the day. They are working to earn as many points as possible to climb the ladder and be part of different levels. There are different branches: whole school, whole class and individual for the students to achieve. ONLY positive points will be given! They are working to earn rewards. As parents you are able to track it as well. Each parent has been given a form to join. If you have misplaced it please contact me at school or send in your personal email and I can send you an invite. Messaging is also available. Please note that the messaging strand will only be used for reminders, letting us know if you are going to be absent/late. Any other comments or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school.

Homework/Communication Folder
We have provided each student with a folder, that way transporting homework, completed assignments, notes from us or the school will get their safely. It also works the other way; if you have anything that you need to get to myself or the school, please put it in their folder and I will get it. They will be turning in their folders every morning so we can empty them, and they will be bringing them home to you every night. Please check them often. Students have the opportunity to earn Dojo points each day. Thank you!

Assignment Books
Students will fill out assignment books daily. Please make sure to sign their planners daily and to send it back with their folders. Students can earn Dojo points each day they are brought back signed.

Think Green!
At Forest Academy we use a card system. Green cards mean that they are working and acting as expected. If problems arise, they will be given a warning (maybe 2 depending on the situation), and then they will move to a yellow card. One or two more warnings and they move to a red card. Red is where they don’t want to be. At the end of each day we tally up the cards. If students are on green they will receive 3 Dojo points. If there are any yellow cards then the student receives 1 Dojo point. If there any student is on red a reflections sheet will be sent home to be filled out and returned the next day. In 5th grade we also have blue cards. If any student ends up on a blue card then they will receive 5 Dojo points for the day. We also will be fully implementing CHAMPS throughout the whole school.

Fun Friday
When the class earns 10,000 Dojo points they earn a Fun Friday. Some examples of Fun Friday activities are: movie and popcorn, Flashlight Friday, Game Day, extra recess, hot chocolate/Popsicle/ice cream, or teacher’s surprise. We are always looking for new ideas, too! We make sure movies are appropriate for their age. We also allow students to bring in movies from home if they are approved ahead of time. Fun Friday is a relaxing time for all of us to enjoy being together and reap the rewards of good behavior. We try to keep things as positive as possible, but if there are reoccurring problems we will revoke privileges. I will be contacting you if there are any serious problems so nothing will come as a surprise to you.

Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up
Students are allowed in the building in the morning no earlier than 8 a.m. Before 8 a.m. students will be asked to stay outside. Keep in mind there is no supervision! Every morning students are allowed in the classroom at 8:15 a.m. Students must wait at their designated spot in the cafeteria until the teacher comes and gets them. In the afternoon we will exit out the east doors and bring them and younger siblings to you at your car. Please do not get out and come get them. This is for the safety of the staff and students.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. There is also a change entering and exiting our school. A note has gone home to explain the new procedure. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call and ask. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Medema will be outside for the first few weeks to help everyone out.

Gym Shoes
There will be no outside shoes allowed in the gym. Each child is expected to have their own pair of gym shoes here at school. Please make sure the shoes that are brought in are new or have clean bottoms. If students do not have gym shoes they will not be able to participate in gym or indoor recess. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks!

Special Schedule

  • Monday-Health
  • Tuesday-Gym (must have gym shoes to participate)
  • Wednesday-Art
  • Thursday-Music
  • Friday-Computer Lab & Library

Helpful Study Hints
Student success in school starts at home. There are many things you can do at home to help students be successful at school.

  • Practice multiplication and division flashcards
  • Help them study their weekly study guides so they will retain what they are learning and do well on quizzes
  • Read each day for at least 20 minutes
  • Write in a journal

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I like to keep the lines of communication open. You can send a note in your child’s folder. You may also leave a message in the office. I am also available for a conference between 7:30-8:00 in the mornings and after school until 4 p.m. every day.

We are looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Medema & Mrs. Taylor