First Grade- Stockton

February Newsletter

100th Day of School – We will be celebrating a hundred days of school.  If we do not have any snow days, this will be Monday, Feb. 12th! If we do have snow days, it will be pushed back and I will let everyone know ASAP. Please look for a note to go home with information regarding our planned activities for that day.

Valentines Party – We will have a small party on Wednesday, February 14th at 2pm. Students will have the chance to pass out Valentines to their peers. We will also be making a craft and we will finish up the day with a movie. I will be sending a note home regarding all of the fun holiday information.

Spelling– Please have students practice their spelling at home. First grade lists are getting harder and any extra practice will help!  There are many ways to practice: out-loud, rainbow write, write 3 times, or put the words into a sentence. Please visit and practice our words as well. Thank you for your support!

Book It – Students will receive another calendar for the month of February. The goal will stay the same at 15-20 minutes every day. This may overlap with homework that is scheduled weekly.  Please have students color in the days as they read throughout the month.  Please sign the bottom of the calendar before turning it in and your student will receive a free pizza voucher.

Boots, Hats, Mittens, etc. – Students need to have a pair of shoes to change into when they take off their boots at school.  These shoes may also serve as their gym shoes since they will not be wearing them outside. Students who do not have clean, dry shoes will not be able to participate in activities on the gym floor. Also please remember to send in hats, mittens, and snow pants if the weather permits. Please be sure to label all of your child’s items!

Character Counts: At Evergreen we honor students each month with awards for character, math, and writing. We will be practicing our character trait all month and the student who does a great job representing that character trait will earn the award. January’s winners are Madison N. for showing generosity, Chaz for his math skills, and Quinten for his writing! February’s character trait is trustworthy.

Dance: On Mondays, students will be given lessons on dance and movement. We are excited to bring these special classes to our students.

Ways To Help At Home – Aside from homework and spelling being sent home please have students work on addition and subtraction facts. Many of our students have begun to master the facts! We will continue to work on these through-out the year. Anytime they have free time they will be working with a partner or on their own on these. Practicing at home is also a great idea; flash cards are a dollar at the dollar store. :smile:

Thank You!
Ms. Stockton