1st Grade – Mann

December Newsletter

Holiday Party
Look for a note to go home in the coming weeks about a pencil exchange during our classroom holiday party on Thursday, December 21st.

Holiday Store
This year we are participating in the Holiday Gift Shop program.  This program makes it possible for children to experience the joy of choosing their own special holiday gifts for family and friends.  There will be a large variety of gifts in different price ranges to choose from.  The holiday store will take place the week of December 18th.  More information will be sent home soon.

Winter Weather
Please make sure to send appropriate winter gear with your child each day (boots, snow pants, mittens, hat, etc.).  We will be going out for recess every day unless the temperature is below 10 degrees. 

School Closings Due to Weather
School closings will be posted on Channel 3 and 8, and can also be heard on major radio stations.  Televised school closings are normally posted around 6:30 a.m.  Please check these sources for school closings instead of calling the school.

Warm Holiday Cheer
This is such a great time of year!  This is the season of sharing and giving.  I hope you enjoy your time with your children and families over the holidays.  Happy Holidays and we will see you next year!

Mrs. Mann