1st Grade – Watters

April Newsletter

This month in math, we will continue working on counting money.  We will also continue to practice adding and subtracting. Counting money is a hard concept for many students.  Help your child practice this skill at home! Use fake or real coins to practice counting. We will also begin learning about basic multiplication and division! Practicing skip counting at home will help your child with these concepts.

In reading, we will be working on editing and publishing our writing.  In Science, we will be talking about different forms of matter and will begin doing experiments.  In Social Studies, we are learning about our community and planet. As our spelling words become more difficult it is important to continue to practice at home. We will begin retesting spelling words after break.

After spring break we will begin our last NWEA testing.  This is a very important time as it will show us how much your child has grown this year! Encourage your child to take their time and do their best on the test! Please make sure students are on time to school! M-STEP testing will begin for third through sixth graders.

Things To Do At Home

  • Practice counting coins  together
  • Use Lexile.com to find books for your child to read.
  • Practice using coins at the grocery store

Mrs. Watters & Ms.Durecki