1st Grade – Watters

March Newsletter

This month in math, we will be working on double digit addition and subtraction. We will also begin counting with money. Please continue to help your child practice their addition and subtraction facts at home! In reading, we will learn about different types of writing and we will also work on editing and publishing.  In Science, we will begin learning about the solar system.  In Social Studies we are learning all about public issues in our school. As our spelling words become more difficult it is important to continue to practice them at home.

Things To Do At Home
Read!!! Encourage your child to read every night before bed.
Practice addition and subtraction flashcards

SPIRIT WEEK-March 20th

  • Monday-Comfy Clothes Day
  • Tuesday-College Sports Day
  • Wednesday-Tourist Day
  • Thursday-Dress for Success Day
  • Friday-Rainbow/Jean Day

March Is Reading Month
March is also Reading Month, which is when we focus on the importance of reading. We will set goals to reach as a class and school.  We will have guest readers throughout the month as well!

Mrs. Watters & Ms.Durecki