1st Grade – Watters

February Newsletter

This month in math, we will continue adding and subtracting.  We will focus on reading story problems and using our addition and subtraction skills to solve the problems.  If you have addition and subtraction flashcards at home, these are great for your child to practice. (They can be purchased at the Dollar Store.) In reading, we will learn about the main idea of a story, cause and effect relationships, and how to look for similarities and differences.  We will also continue to decode beginning and ending sound blends.

February is also Black History Month, which is when we celebrate African Americans who have made important contributions to our country.  This would be a wonderful time to research and learn about a famous African American with your child.

Things To Do At Home

  • Have your child read aloud to a parent, grandparent, sibling, or even a stuffed animal.
  • Practice addition and subtraction flashcards
  • Have your child send a letter  to a relative! Receiving mail is always so fun! :smile:

Valentine’s Day Sock Hop
On February 10th we will be having our Sock Hop dance. There will be baked goods and punch served  and of course there will be dancing! Please look for further information in your child’s  blue folder regarding this event.

Valentine’s Party
Our classroom valentine party will be on Friday, February 17th.  Look for more details in your child’s blue folder.

Mrs. Watters & Ms.Durecki