February 2020

Greetings Parents and Families!  There are lots of exciting events taking place this month:

  • Friday, February 7th, we are celebrating the 100th day of school!  Students are invited to decorate a poster with 100 things to display in their classroom.  Later that day we will have a gallery walk for everyone to see each other’s poster.  We can’t wait to see what everyone brings in!
  • Wednesday, February 12th, is count day in the state of Michigan.  Student attendance is especially important.  Students that are absent will need a note excusing them upon return.  Also, this day will be NON UNIFORM! Enjoy!
  • Friday, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day!  All classrooms will be celebrating with fun activities.  Students are welcome to wear red, pink, and/or purple (no uniform)!
  • Friday, February 28th there is no school!  This is our very short version of a mid-winter break.  Enjoy!
  • This month we wrapped up our second round of NWEA testing for K-3 in reading only.  This helps us see how students are doing and how best to adjust instruction to meet their needs.
  • April 14 is Spring Picture Day
  • Also this month, Javarion Boyd-Franklin will be our first Principal of the Day.  He turned in over 100 SOAR tickets…what are SOAR tickets you ask…I’m glad you asked…
  • During the month of January, our students selected our new school mascot.  We are the Evergreen Eagles, and all Eagles SOAR and are:
    • Safe
    • On-task
    • Awesome
    • Respectful
  • When students are “caught” SOAR-ing, they get a SOAR ticket.

As always, should you have questions do not hesitate to contact me either here at school by phone or at this email:  ctansey@fbrcs.org

Mr. Tansey