Kindergarten – Mrs. Baranoski

October Newsletter

Dear Families,

We have had an amazing first month of school and I’ve enjoyed getting to know each child in our class.  We have a busy month so please make sure to put all of our activities on your calendar at home!

How to help at home

-Read to your child on a daily basis if possible. This will help to expand their vocabulary and excitement for learning to read independently.

-Ask them to practice writing their name in different colored crayons or markers.

-Have your child practice sorting objects into like groups or making patterns out of them. (lucky charms, skittles, beads)

Math Night
We will be holding our annual math night on Wednesday, October 25th from 5-7.  You will get a haunted house tracking sheet and each classroom will have a math related activity to complete. After you complete the activity you will receive a sticker on your tracking sheet.  When your sheet is full you can stop in the office on your way out to pick out a prize.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

Fall Harvest Party                                    
Our party is on Friday, October 27th around 2:00.  Students are allowed to bring a costume to school.  They will change into costumes after lunch and recess.  Please see the attached note for details, as well as a sign up for food donations.

Fall Conferences  
Report cards will not be sent home, I will be handing them out during conferences.  Sign-up notes for conferences on November 6th-7th will be coming home soon.  Please coordinate schedules at home and check the best 3 times.  Time slots will be given in the order that we receive the slips back, so return them as soon as possible.  I will try to work with other teachers to accommodate siblings.  If none of the chosen times work for your family, please let us know and we can make alternate arrangements.

PTO Fall Potluck/Monster Mash
SAVE THE DATE!!! This wonderful event will be held on Friday, October 20th 6:00-8:00 with the location to be determined.  This is a great opportunity for you to connect with other families here at Evergreen Academy.  More details will come home soon! :smile:

We are participating in the BOOK IT! program.  I have included a calendar to track the time your child spends reading at home.  In order to earn the pizza coupon your child needs to read/be read to for a total of 200 minutes throughout the month.  The calendar is set up for reading 20 minutes in a day, which means you need 10 days colored in.  Don’t forget:  this includes “reading” the pictures.  Thank you for your support at home and I hope you all take advantage of this wonderful program! :smile:

Kalamazoo Public Library
We will be attending a special program at the Kalamazoo Public Library this month.  Please see the attached permission slip for details.

Scholastic Book Club
Thank you for all of your support and participation in the Scholastic Book Club!!  I have sent a new letter and order form that is due back by Friday, October 13th.  Don’t forget, checks need to be payable to Scholastic Book Club.  You will earn a coupon for a free book if you order/pay online.

NWEA testing
The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a not-for-profit dedicated to helping kids live their dreams.  Data is our tool — gathred through our assessments, validated by research and brought to life by our 4,000 partners — with our professional development as support.  Our whole school took the NWEA computerized test.  We finished up our testing in September.  Reports will available at fall conferences.

Uniform Guidelines
While in attendance at the Academy, students will dress neatly according to the following guidelines. Navy blue pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers (with white collared shirt underneath), or walking shorts (no sweatpants or jeans). Sweaters or fleeces that are navy, gray, or white may be worn (no sweatshirts).  Students may wear sweater vests or fleece vests in navy or gray. Navy, gray, or white socks or tights are to be worn. (solid colors only) Undershirts must be white and be free of design.

Award Winners for September
I am proud to announce that Justice was our character awareness winners for being friendly.  The writing award went to Molly for her knowledge of letter sounds and sight words.  The math award went to Athena for her hard work with numbers.  Next month we will be learning about the character trait of RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Please remember that your child will receive a homework packet every Monday. That packet is due the following Monday, but you are always welcome to turn it in early. :smile:  Each time your child turns in his/her homework they receive a sticker to put on a chart, and they get to choose from the prize box.  After four stickers your child can choose from a special prize box.  I do individualized packets based on needs, so it takes a lot of time.  If homework packets are not something you would like to do with your student, please just let me know and I will stop sending them home.

pumpkins, fire safety week, spiders, bats

“if you never did, you should.  These things are fun and fun is good!”  ~ Dr. Seuss

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Mrs. Baranoski