Kindergarten – Mrs. Baranoski

April Newsletter

Helpful Hints for Home
I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe break!!  We will see you back at school on Monday, April 9th. We have been working on money concepts in math.  Please give your child the opportunity for real world application of identifying and counting coins when purchasing things at the store. We also have been playing a game that involves the coins: an adult says:  penny (hold up a finger), nickel (hold up 5 fingers/one hand), dime (hold up 10 fingers/both hands), or quarter (clap twice and hold up then hold up 5 fingers/one hand). The child does the matching action to show the value of the coin the adult said. They are familiar with the game. :smile:

It was wonderful to have a chance to sit down and talk with all of you during conferences.  I am so proud of all of the social and academic growth that all of our students have made. Your participation and dedication make a difference!

Spring NWEA
Students will begin taking their NWEA tests the week of April 10th.  I will let you know the specific dates of our tests after break.  Please make sure your child comes to school well rested so that we can see an accurate reading of what they’ve learned this year.

National Poetry Month
We will be investigating a variety of poetry and figurative language during the month of April.  Please keep your eyes open for an invitation to our sixth annual Evergreen Poetry Slam on the afternoon of Friday, April 27th.  PTO will be hosting a silent auction and we will be having an Open House as well. :smile:

Earth Day
To celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 22nd we will be doing a school wide service project on the 20th.  We will spend our afternoon exploring and cleaning up trash in our parking lot, along the Kleinstuck Reserve trail located behind our school, and at one of the local churches.  We are so excited to be giving back to the community!

Mrs. Baranoski