Kindergarten – Hoffman

October Newsletter


  • Please try to be on time to school each day! This is key to learning as students need to be present the full instructional time. Students are expected to arrive to school by 8:20 each morning or they are tardy.
  • Thank you all for sending in your gym shoes!
  • Students must arrive to school in uniform each day.
  • Please send back the student’s green folders whenever they are sent home!
  • Weekly homework is beginning this month. Continue to do the weekly reading logs as well.
  • Thanks for a great September!

What We’re Learning This Month:

Reading: Continuing the phonics program (learning letter sounds ck, k, e, h, r, m, d, g, and o); learning to identify these sounds within words.

Writing: Students have begun to learn to form uppercase and lowercase letters. We are learning two letters a week and re-teaching when needed! Continued focus on writing our names.

Math: We are continuing to learn about shapes and discovering different shapes in our daily environment. We will begin to learn about patterning.

Science: Students are continuing to discuss what living things need to survive.

Social Studies: Students are continuing to learn about being part of a community. Students have established and learned classroom rules.

Specials: We will begin gym this month. In art and music, we continue to stretch our creative minds. We are learning what it means to be healthy.

Additional Notes:

Congrats to Kindergarten’s character counts winners this month!

Friendly: Zanther
Writing: Devin
Math: Princeton

Yes, weekly homework begins this month! I believe working at home helps my students to strengthen their skills. I am sending homework for skills they have learned in class. I will send home a weekly packet on Mondays to be returned on Fridays.

I would like to stress your student does not need to complete all of the work. Instead, I am looking for a clear effort (with your assistance, of course!) Any questions about the work can be directed to me at . Please put “Miss Hoffman” in the subject line.