Third Grade – Darren Webb

October Newsletter

September has come and gone by so fast and now we welcome October and the wonders of the autumn season.

Character Counts
September’s Character Count was “Friendly” and the winner was, the Math award winner was and the writing award winner was. In October, I will be looking for someone who demonstrates “Responsibility”. Please discuss at home ways to be responsible.

Book It!
This year we are participating in the Book-it program.  The Book-it calendar is attached to the back of the newsletter.  Our goal for October is for all of the students to read for 300 minutes at home. That breaks down to about 10 minutes a night. Please keep track of minutes read each day and total them at the end of every week.  At the end of the month, send the signed calendar back to school.  Your child will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut!

Campbell Soup Labels and Box Tops
Please remember to send in your child’s Box Tops and Campbell Soup Labels.  Our school earns points toward great merchandise.

Fall Harvest Party
Here at Evergreen Academy we have a Fall Harvest Party in the place of a Halloween Party.  The date of our party is Friday, October 27th. We will have our celebration in the afternoon from 2:00 to 3:30. We will have food harvest in our room. For our food harvest, parents will bring in snacks, drinks, and other yummy treat for the class to enjoy. Your child is to arrive to school in their school uniform and will be allowed to change into their costume for the party.  Please sign and return the volunteer sheet if you would like to help with the party and I will send a reminder closer to the celebration.
And now, a few words about costumes before you begin your shopping…
Because it is a Fall Harvest Party and not a Halloween Party, we ask that your child does NOT wear a costume that would be considered unsafe, scary, or menacing and no masks.  NO weapons of any kind or gory objects are allowed.

Examples of appropriate costumes would be:
*fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, doctors, business people, or
*costumes that sports related; football, baseball basketball, soccer.

Thank you very much in advance for volunteers that decide to help and with your cooperation in the matter of the costumes.  Parents are welcome to join in on the fun. 

Helping at home
We have been identifying place values up to the billions and rounding whole number and decimals. Using at home will help your student strengthen or challenge these skills. I will send home a separate letter with the log-in and password for

Mr. Webb