How to Apply

All Academies are Michigan public schools and do not discriminate on the basis of academic or athletic abilities, “measures of achievement or aptitude”, handicapped status, religion, creed, race, sex, color or national origin.  The Academies shall not charge tuition, but may charge fees in the same manner as existing public schools.


People interested in applying for the school year may obtain applications by the following methods:

  • Obtain an application from the school your student will attend
  • Complete an online application by selecting the school’s application here
  • Call and request that an application be mailed or faxed

Complete and submit the application to the school your student will attend.

Random Selection Lottery Process

After the first year, the deadline for applications shall be the last business day of February of every year. If the number of applicants for a classroom exceeds the number of positions available, a random selection lottery shall be held on or about March 15.  The random selection drawing shall be open to the public.  All applicants will be notified of the time and place.  Names will be drawn until all available classroom positions have been filled.  The remaining names will be drawn thereafter and assigned to classroom waiting lists in the order of their selection.

Waiting List Process

If applicants are still on a waiting list at the conclusion of the school year in which they applied, they must resubmit an application for the following year.

Sibling Preference

Siblings of students already enrolled in the school will have preference for any openings.

Re-enrollment Process

Once children are enrolled, they will remain eligible to be enrolled at the Academy for successive years without having to reenter the selection process.  However, they must re-enroll for the subsequent year no later than the last business day in February.