Dear Academy Families,

A foundational principle of our academies is that instruction must be personalized for all students based on their identified strengths and weaknesses. We are proud to say that we’ve been using the NWEA testing program for more than 15 years to help our teachers tailor their instruction for your children. The NWEA tests tell us what a student knows and doesn’t know; it identifies individualized academic growth targets; and it gives our teachers guidance about how to achieve those targets.
To accomplish these ends, all Academy students complete the NWEA test three times a year. Kindergarten and first grades are assessed in reading and math. Second through eighth grades are assessed in reading, math and language usage. The fall test results tell us what growth goals are appropriate for all our students. The winter tests let us know if we are on track; and the spring results let all of us know if we’ve succeeded in getting our students to their growth targets in each assessed area.
After each assessment is completed, teachers review the data and use the Learning Continuum (provided by NWEA) and our objective-based curriculum to tailor instruction during small group and independent learning. Small group instruction, books selected to read and homework assignments are all chosen to support academic growth.

We know parents are an important partner in their children’s education. That is why student progress reports are provided to parents at the completion of fall, winter and spring testing. The NWEA RIT scores reported to you are not based on the grade or age of a student, but reflects the instructional level at which your student is currently performing. When you review your child’s spring report, be sure to note the growth they exhibited from fall to spring testing. Please feel free to call the academy if you have any questions about this report.

All students receive a summer review and enrichment packet to help reduce summer learning loss. Encouraging your child to work on and complete this packet will help your child feel more confident and prepared when returning to school in the fall and will enhance their ability to progress in the new material next school year.

On average, more than 62% of the spring tests resulted in students meeting their growth targets. We are pleased with how much growth each individual student demonstrated this year and look forward to watching them continue to grow as lifelong learners.
Have a wonderful summer.

Amanda Brown