6th Grade – Surprenant

February Newsletter

The New Year is Upon Us….and Half the Year Is Behind Us!

Busy Bee time is going great. Students adjusted to the schedule very quickly, liking the fact that they get to switch rooms. We are already seeing growth in a number of students.

Our unit on fractions will take a turn into ratios and rates. From there, we will begin looking at conversions of unit measurements and recording and interpreting data in a number of ways.

We have dug into our Earth science unit. As we leave our discussion of rocks and minerals and how different weather events change our Earth, we will begin to look at plate tectonics and how that idea changes the Earth as well.

We have been studying Mexico for well over a month and we are moving our discussion away from the history of Mexico to Mexico today. We are learning about our ties with our neighbor to the south and discovering its rich culture. We are drawing historical comparisons as we read the historical fiction book, Esperanza Rising.

Students have written a personal narrative and will move on to learning about adjectives and adverbs. Toward the end of the month, they will begin brainstorming for their research project/paper.

Please continue to encourage reading at home– at least 20 minutes a day- to help your child become a better reader.

Students may come in before and after school to get help on work.

Reading homework is sent home every day. After 10 homeworks turned in, students earn a little treat.

Spelling tests are on Thursdays. Please make sure students work on words at home.

Any unfinished work from the day should be brought home to finish and brought back the next day. I will remind students of work they need to turn in, but it is ultimately their responsibility to turn it in.

Some students get cold in our classroom. Please provide them with either a gray, white, or navy blue sweater. NO HOODIES OR SWEATSHIRTS.

Remember:   This is Michigan – we don’t know what the weather will be like from day to day.  come prepared!!

Book orders are still being sent home. To order online, use teacher code LFQ39. Orders are due Feb. 26

Remember: The school day now begins at 8:00. Please add to your child’s success by getting them to school on time. Please let the school know if your child will be absent . I can send home missed work if needed.