6th Grade – Surprenant

May Newsletter

Heading Into May With Confidence!
Testing Tests our Strengths

In writing, we will be working on our final writing piece– a tall tale, a fantasy, or an adventure.  We will also be reviewing many past objectives to help increase student grades.

In math, we will solve for unknowns and continue graphing functions. We will look at the difference between expressions and equations, and will combine expressions. We will practice order of operations and review past objectives.

In science,  we will continue working on our physical science unit involving the elements of chemistry. We will look at compounds, elements,  and mixtures as well as the bonds that these elements create. We will also use our knowledge of simple machines to create one that can move a load.

In social studies, we will look at public policy and how we can go about implementing change. We will look at one way to  implement change– give a persuasive speech.

We chose listen to a book on tape– Brian’s Winter. Students are drawing pictures as a way to retell the chapters.

This month we take our final spring tests– M-STEP. Please make sure students are well rested and fed the nights before testing. These tests gauge how proficient students are with 6th grade material.

Much of this month will be geared toward review of objectives. Students will be given opportunities to raise grades, but they have to apply the effort to study and turn in their work.

Students may come in before and after school to get help on work.

Reading homework is sent home every day. After 10 homeworks turned in, students earn a little treat.

Spelling tests are on Thursday. Please make sure students work on words at home.

Some students get cold in our classroom. Please provide them with either a gray, white, or navy blue sweater. NO HOODIES OR SWEATSHIRTS.

Remember:  This is Michigan– we don’t know what the weather will be like from day to day. Come prepared!!

We may be going to the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center in May  Stay tuned.

Remember:  The school day begins at 8:00. If your student is tardy, they are already falling behind on the day’s work. Please make every effort to be on time. If your child will be absent, let the school know and ask for make-up work to be sent home.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”
~Bill Cosby