6th Grade – Surprenant

December Newsletter
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter!!

Students may come in before and after school to get help on work.

Students who get cold during the day may wear a navy blue, white, or grey sweater. Hoodies are not acceptable.

Unfinished work is sent home as homework and is due the following morning. Detentions will be served for incomplete work.

Spelling words are sent home on Fridays with a homework assignment attached.

Students should write their words in their planners correctly.

Reading groups are in full swing and the students are being very productive as we dig deeper in to our books. Within group time, we are weaving in word work, some writing components, other reading objectives and the opportunity to expand their vocabulary.

We are still reviewing commas, putting a heavier focus on appositives. We also will continue fixing run on sentences. This month, we will investigate the many types of verbs and how they are used in writing.

Students are getting a better handle on percent and finding discounts as well as sales tax. We will continue reviewing that as well as moving on to our work with fractions. We have already begun factoring out numbers and we will look at a fraction’s relationship with percent and decimals.

We’ve learned a lot about how we acquire our traits and will be moving away from life science studies and begin “digging” into Earth science. We’ll look at the layers of Earth as well as a focus on climate.

We will be wrapping up our unit on Canada by looking at Canada today and the many people groups that live there. Then, we will begin our journey south as we dive into our unit on Mexico, with a focus first on the land and resources.

We would like to have a student gift exchange before the break. More info to follow.

“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do bears your signature.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Books make GREAT GIFTS!!! Please consider ordering from the flyer this month. Our online code is LFQ39. Checks made out to Scholastic Book Clubs

Winter is Here!!
Most students have the proper gear, but some are still without. Please provide extra shoes to change out of. If you have extra items at home you would like to donate to the class, that would be greatly appreciated.