6th Grade – Surprenant

February Newsletter

My, My, My, Half the Year’s Gone By!!
Students may come in before and after school to get help on work.

Students who get cold during the day may wear a navy blue, white, or grey sweater. Hoodies are not acceptable.

Students found in violation of the dress code will receive a detention.

Spelling words are sent home on Fridays with a homework assignment attached. Students should keep their spelling list at home to study.

Log on to spellingcity.com for fun ways to practice spelling words.

Homework is sent home Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I am keeping track of assignments and creating a percentage grade.

WELCOME TO MRS. EVANS!! She will be working with our class as well as Mrs. Roth’s 3rd grade class. The students have done a nice job of making her feel welcome.

Reading groups continue to meet weekly and we will look at regrouping if necessary based on NWEA scores. We are looking at conflict, figurative language , as well as symbolism in literature.

We have begun our unit on adjectives and as we study severe weather in Science, we are applying description to the different storms. We will look at the various ways to use adjectives in our writing as we take on another writing piece– fantasy, adventure, or folk tale.

As we move away from “fractions”, we move into ratios and rates (which look a lot like fractions:)) We will look at how and when each is used and apply them to real life situations.

Students did well on their scientist reports. We have moved in to the earth science unit as we look at rocks, minerals, erosion, etc. We will also focus heavily on the scientific method as students prepare for their own project for the Science Fair.

We have completed our study of Mexico (with a little fiesta) and will move right in to the history and geography of Central America.

Students should be thinking about what they would like to do for our classroom Talent Show. Be on the lookout for more information.

Winter is Here!!
Please make sure your child is sent to school with appropriate cold weather attire-hats, scarves, mittens, and boots. Snow pants are even handy for cold weather (not just snow) to keep the chill off the legs.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”   ~ Gandi