6th Grade – Surprenant

September Newsletter
Arbor Welcomes Back Students as Summer Draws to a Close!!

Welcome Back Students!!

As 6th graders, it is my expectation that they are setting an example for the younger grades. We will cover rules and expectations  daily as we continue with our CHAMPS guidelines.

Please make sure all supplies are in by the end of the first week.  We will dig right into learning and we will be using our notebooks a lot!!

We will start in on multiplication the first day, so if your child has not mastered their multiplication facts, please work with them at home using flashcards, etc.  We will continue right on to division, so work on those division facts as well.

Our focus for Science will be identifying the animal kingdoms, with an emphasis on plants.

Social Studies will begin with applying the Five Themes of Geography to our surrounding areas. Later on, we will expand into the Eastern Hemisphere.

In Writing, we will focus on writing complete sentences as well as using proper punctuation. Students will also begin work on their first paper– a personal narrative.

Please continue to encourage reading  and journaling at home– at least 20 minutes a day- to help your child become a better reader and writer.

Students may come in before and after school to get help on work.

Reading homework is sent home every day. After 10 homeworks turned in, students earn a little treat.

Spelling  tests are on Thursdays. Please make sure students work on words at home. Spellingcity.com has fun games using the spelling words.

Our room can get chilly. Please provide your child with either a gray, white, or navy blue sweater. NO HOODIES OR SWEATSHIRTS.

Remember: This is Michigan– we don’t know what the weather will be like from day to day. Come prepared!!

The key to scheduling your time is to focus on objectives, not on activities.
~ Nido R. Qubein

Book orders are still being sent home. To order online, use teacher code LFQ39. Orders are due Sept. 16.

Remember:  The school day begins at 8:00 If your student is tardy, they are already falling behind on the day’s work. Please make every effort to be on time. If your child will be absent, let the school know and ask for make-up work to be sent home.