6th Grade – Surprenant

November Newsletter
Wow!  First Nine Weeks Just Fly By
Students may come in before and after school to get help on work.Homework is sent home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and students are given two days to complete it.Unfinished work is sent home as homework and is due the following morning. Detentions will be served for incomplete work.

Spelling words are sent home on Fridays with a homework assignment attached.

Students should write their words in their planners. Make sure they are writing them correctly.

Now that testing is complete, we are partnering with the 5th grade class and teachers to implement reading groups. Each day, the students will be involved in five 20 -minute Reading rotations.

We just wrapped up writing our personal narratives with a “scary” theme to post on our Halloween bulletin board. Be on the lookout for some “thankful” writing pieces . We will return to our grammar lessons, focusing on the many types of nouns. We will also focus on the many uses of commas, as well as how to properly punctuate titles of works.

We are moving from working strictly with decimals and exponential form and looking at their relationship with percents. We will investigate finding the percent of a number and using that to figure sales tax and find discount prices as well.

As we wrap up the study of plants and animals, we will investigate the tiny structures they are made of. The students will make “edible” cells as they identify the different parts of plant and animal cells. Students will also investigate the two types of cellular reproduction– mitosis and meiosis.

We are beginning our first main geographical unit of study– Canada. We will look at the regions of Canada, the first people of the land, events leading up to its colonization, different ethnic groups, natural resources, the government and different items made there.

If your student is cold -natured, please provide them with a grey, white, or blue sweater to wear in class.

“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.”
~Seth Godin

Book orders have begun. Please help contribute to the classroom library with your order. To order online, use teacher code LFQ39.

Remember: The school day begins at 8:10. If your student is tardy, they are already falling behind on the day’s work. Please make every effort to be on time. If your child will be absent, let the school know and ask for make-up work to be sent home.