2nd Grade – Scheve

February Newsletter

We have been working hard on sound codes in second grade! We have come up with huge lists of words for our new sound codes! We are working on reading different kinds of graphs and tables in math. NWEA is currently happening and I am pushing them to take their time and work hard!

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we are still working on sound codes from Phonics International. We will be working on grammar – commas and parts of speech – and writing and editing. We continue to practice retelling and remembering what we read, which can be done at home as a part of reading homework, too!

Science/Social Studies
We are discussing the life cycles of plants and the parts of a plant. We will be working on force and motion next!

Social Studies: We will be learning about local government – mayor and city council.

We have started working on reading and making different types of graphs. We are working on tables and pictographs! We also worked on ordinal numbers (first, second, third etc.) Second grade is working hard on math! We will also continue to review for math NWEA coming up!

Specials:  PE/Music/Art:

PE/Health – Learning about the different types of teeth and proper ways to take care of them.

Art – Drawing geometric shapes

Music – Identifying whole and half notes on paper

Reminders to Students and Parents
We will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Tuesday February 14. More information will be sent home regarding this soon!