2nd Grade – Scheve

April Newsletter

We have been preparing for NWEA during our small reading group times. There is so much more information to be learned before our next and final NWEA test so we are working hard! We are doing a great job with our reading goal. We have two goals to meet during the month of March for reading month! Everyone is working hard on getting as close to our goal as possible!

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we are still working on sound codes from Phonics International. We will be working on grammar – commas and parts of speech – and writing and editing. We continue to practice retelling and remembering what we read, which can be done at home as a part of reading homework, too! In addition, we’ve been continuing to read independently as a reading goal for March.

Science/Social Studies
Science: We are discussing force and motion and the solar system. We also have been learning about natural resources and the water cycle.
Social Studies: We are learning map skills, and historical facts.

We have been focusing majority of math time on multiplication and figuring out different ways to solve multiplication problems. We learned about arrays, repeated addition and learned some fun multiples songs! Coming up, we are going to start learning about weight. We will be measuring different objects and converting kilograms to grams.

Specials:  PE/Music/Art
PE/Health – Learning about the five senses and coming soon, basketball!
Art – Drawing and identifying artwork.
Music – Practicing our musical song and learning musical instrument types.

Reminders to Students and Parents
Conferences are coming up the last week of March! Please check folders for your date and time that is scheduled!