2nd Grade – Jones


2nd Grade Supply List
I have listed a few items that your 2nd grader will need this school year.

  1. 2 packs of pencils
  2. 4 large glue sticks
  3. 2-24 count box of crayons
  4. 1 package of markers
  5. 1 pack of fine tip Expo Markers
  6. 2- 2 pocket folders with brads
  7. 1 pack Wide Ruled lined paper
  8. 2-3 pink erasers (not pencil top)

The above items will be collected and used as a classroom.

  1. 2- 2 pocket folders with brads
  2. Zipper pencil case (plastic pencil cases don’t fit in desk)
  3. 1 backpack (no suitcases or rolling backpacks)

Please don’t buy your child the large binders; there is not enough room in their desks.

Supplies for the Class

  1. 1 box of Kleenex
  2. Ziploc bags – any size
  3. Liquid hand sanitizer
  4. Disinfecting wipes (for tables)

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hart