Kindergarten – Perry

April Newsletter

Spring is officially here, but please remember it may be warm and muddy one day and freezing cold the next. Therefore, please make sure to have your child dressed appropriately for the weather. An extra pair of shoes or boots are good on muddy days, so we aren’t tracking in. Please keep bringing in box tops, so we can earn money for our school and a party for our class.

Reading: We will continue working in our new leveled reading groups with lots of focus on reading.

Math: We will be reviewing numbers, doing addition, introducing subtraction, and working on various ways to measure.

Writing: We will be focusing on writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and spaces between our words.

Science: We will be growing plants.

Social Studies: We will be learning about the past and creating a timeline.

Things to practice at home: sight words, reading leveled books, counting to 100 by ones, writing and recognizing numbers 1-30, shapes, and recognizing all upper and lowercase letters along with the sounds they make.

Mrs. Perry and Miss Williams