Kindergarten – Overweg

October Newsletter

I hope everyone is doing well, and are finally getting settled into their new routines and schedules.  The month of September was the same for us all here in the classroom. I feel confident that the children have learned very quickly and are adjusting well for what is to come.  I have really enjoyed the past month spending time with them, getting to know them, and mostly seeing their growth just in the past few weeks!  Next month, we are going to be studying the topic of Fall.  We are going to be learning about leaves, weather, apples, pumpkins, and other things that make Fall special. Make sure you ask your child daily about the exciting things we are doing in class!

Some things that we are working on are writing our names correctly, letters of the week and site words! There has been a lot of excitement, as they are helping each other learn their names, letters and site words.  We have also explored the letters A, B, and C.   We will be covering the letter D,E,F,G, and H next month. We are also talking about patterns, counting, and number recognition. The kids are having a great time learning them and playing the fun counting games.


*Please make sure you are checking your child’s backpack daily! The blue folders will be sent home on Friday’s and need to be returned on Monday.

*Toys from home are not allowed at school.

Thanks for all your cooperation!
Ms. Overweg