4th Grade – McKenney

February Newsletter

February is here already!  This month I look forward to many fun lessons with the students.  We will begin learning about simple machines and electrical circuits in science.  This will involve a lot of hands on activities for the students to explore.  We will be working on a class project for the science fair on March 1st also.  Students are also invited to make their own art fair project at home.

Students may also submit artwork of their choice for the Art Fair which is also on the evening of March 1st.

We will have a Valentine party on Wednesday, February 14th in the afternoon.  I will send a list of student names home with your child so they can make out cards if they would like to participate in a card exchange.  More details will be sent home in a note as we get closer to the day.

Students earned a classroom pet shortly before Christmas break by following classroom rules and work expectations for a specific period of time.  We now have a Juvenile Leopard Gecko.  We are still deciding on a name for him.

If  you have any questions or comments, feel free to call me at the school at extension 14.

Sally McKenney