4th Grade – McKenney

December Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that December is nearly here.  I know my students are already talking about Christmas break.  I am looking forward to the beginning of December however, and planning some surprises for the class.

This month, 4th grade will be doing fractions in math.  We will begin learning about various government documents such as the Declaration of Independence.  In science, we will begin learning about simple machines and their uses.  This will be an opportunity for many hands on classroom activities.  Art and music will revolve around holiday themes.

Our Student of the month for October was Jack.  He is always very helpful and willing to jump in to activities we are doing.  I look forward to my other students being named student of the month as the year continues.

Don’t forget that it is important for your child to spend time reading each night.  I am seeing improvement in reading, but it is important for students to read a book of their own interest each night as well.

I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas break and I look forward to many memorable moments as December continues.

Mrs. McKenney