1st Grade – Gandy

December Newsletter

Winter Dance
Our winter dance will be held on December 2nd from 5pm-7pm. It will take place at Lakeview Middle School. Come join us for a lot fun dancing and some snacks as well. The dance is free to attend and there will be a photographer there if you would like to purchase pictures. We hope to see you there!

Holiday Party
We will be having a Christmas party for our classroom on Thursday, December 22nd. We are asking that students not bring gifts for their classmates. Instead, we are asking that each student donates a pack of 20 pencils. Then at our party, we will have a pencil exchange. Each student can give their classmates one of the pencils they brought. Holiday themed pencils would be a festive idea.

Winter Break
We will have school in December until Thursday, December 22nd. We will then be off for the holidays and return to school on Monday, January 9th.

The weather has been cold lately and will start to get snowy soon. We are outside for recess every day. We will go outside unless it is ten degrees or less. Please make sure your student is dressed for this weather. That includes a warm coat, boots, snow pants, gloves, a hat, and possibly a scarf. Also, they should have shoes to wear inside so our carpet (that they sit on) doesn’t get wet from boots. Please label their things with initials so they don’t get lost. Your kiddo will very much appreciate things to keep them warm outside!