1st Grade – Gandy

March Newsletter

Reading Month
March is reading month and to celebrate we are inviting you into our classroom. We are asking that parents, grandparents, family friends, or anyone willing come into our classroom at some point in March to read to our class. We are hoping to have a guest reader each day. We will adjust to your schedule, so anytime you can spare us 15-20 minutes would be very much appreciated. Just send in a note letting us know the day and time you plan to come in. You can bring your own book, or we can provide one for you to read. We know that with your busy schedules not everyone will be able to make it in. If you can, your student will be so excited to have you spend a few minutes with us!

All of our students do an excellent job wearing boots each day to school so they can play in the snow at recess. When the snow starts to melt, the boots will also be a great way to handle the mud of the playground. However, we are asking that you make sure your student has a pair of shoes to bring to school also. When they wear the boots outside and they get wet (and soon muddy), we would like them to be able to change into clean dry shoes when they come in. We spend a good chunk of our day at the carpet learning. When the students wear their wet or muddy boots, it makes the carpet wet and muddy. We need a clean carpet to sit at. Please make sure you are checking every day that your student has boots AND shoes.

Mrs. Gandy and Miss Sakal