1st Grade – Gandy

November Newsletter

Conferences will be held the first week in November. We expect to have 100% of parents participate in a conference. We are very flexible on times for you to come in. If an evening time does not work for you, we are happy to arrange for a morning or daytime conferences.

We will be having our own first grade Thanksgiving lunch near the end of November. Look for a note coming home asking you to join us for our lunch to celebrate. We will also be asking for food donations to add to our special lunch. We are very much looking forward to having parents join us if they are able.

The weather has been turning cold. We are outside every day for two recesses. We will go outside unless it is ten degrees or less. Please make sure your student has a coat EVERY DAY! We have several cold first graders who are not wearing their coat. They would also appreciate some hats and gloves as well.