5th Grade – Kemp

November Newsletter

          Wow, where did the month of October go? Fifth grade has successfully completed the NWEA. The students worked really hard and we are so proud of them. Way to go fifth graders! Please mark your calendar because November 5th and 6th are parent/teacher conferences. More information will be coming home regarding conferences.

This month in reading we are going to continue working on our stamina. The students are doing a great job with read to self. Students have been working on several things during reading. We have been working on character traits and feelings and summarizing. This month we will start looking in books for main idea, theme, plot and we will be reading a variety of fantasies, fairy tales, legends, and myths.

In writing, we are working on the writing process. We are writing personal narratives on a variety of topics including ourselves, our families, a how to paper, and a scary Halloween story. This month students will be writing their own fairy tale or myth and making Thanksgiving cards for those they are thankful for.

In math, we are going to be continuing memorizing our multiplication facts. Memorization of these facts is going to be imperative to being successful throughout their school math career and beyond. Students will be wrapping up our unit on area, perimeter, volume, and measurement conversions. We will then be moving into adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals.

In science, students will continue learning about animal classifications and animal kingdoms, defining species, adaption, learned and inherited behaviors, population density, predation, and symbiosis. After we complete this unit we will be moving onto the water cycle.

In social studies, students have been learning about the early European explorers and their first experiences landing in the Americas. The students will move on into the first days of the Jamestown settlement and how the 13 colonies decided they did not want to be under the King’s rule. We will then move into the Revolutionary War.

Mrs. Kemp