5th Grade – Kemp

February Newsletter

In reading, we will continue to increase our stamina in Daily 5. The fifth graders have worked really hard increasing their reading stamina, vocabulary and fluency. In February, we will continue learning about plot, cause & effect, and summarizing information text. This month the students will be reading poetry, identifying similes and metaphors, figurative language, and idioms.

In math, the students will begin learning about fractions. Students will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, reducing, and ordering fractions. We will be discussing the relationships of these numbers and using these numbers in a variety of real world applications. By the end of the unit, the students will have a solid understanding of fractions.

In writing, the students are going to be celebrating Black History Month by researching a famous African American and creating a summary of their accomplishments and life. The students are very excited to research their famous African American and use all their mastered writing skills; including using lots of details, using descriptive adjectives and adverbs, and new vocabulary words.

In social studies, the students will begin our unit on the Civil War. Students will be learning about key people and places of the Civil War. We will also be reading a historical fiction book about the Civil War.

In science, we will be investigating the inner workings of electrical circuits. We will explore electricity and have fun with creating our own circuits. The students will be expanding their knowledge about magnets and magnetism.

On February 12th we will be having our Valentine’s Day party. Please look for more information coming home soon.