5th Grade – Kemp

October Newsletter

As our new fifth graders fall into the new school year we have many exciting things planned for the month of October. At the beginning of this month, we will be wrapping up our NWEA testing. The students have done a great job of working hard and doing their best on these tests. Students are tested in reading, language arts, math, and science. These test provide a starting mark for each student and throughout the year, students will have personalized lessons that will target your students weaknesses and improve on those weaknesses.

In reading, we will continue to work on building our reading stamina during Daily Five. The students will continue to pick right fit chapter and picture books and through reading to self, explore the characters, setting, and plot of their books.

In math, we will continue working on memorizing our addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. Students will also be exploring commutative property, multiplying multi-digit numbers, dividing four numbers by a two digit divisor.

In social studies, we will continue exploring the first Native Americans. In the month of October we will be discussing the different Native American tribes and where they settled, how they adapted to their environment, and their culture. We will then begin discussing the first European settlers to America.

In science, students will be learning about the process of photosynthesis. Then we will begin talking about animal kingdoms, classifications, and animal behavior.

In writing, students will be responding to our pen pals in Virginia. The students are very excited to get acquainted with peers from another state. The students will also continue working on writing narratives, while using compound and complex sentences, stretching sentences, and using correct punctuation.

October is the time to start thinking Halloween party! We will be having our party on Tuesday, October 28th from 8:30-9:30. Please send your child’s costume in a bag and we will put them on before we start our celebration. Students will take off their costumes at the end of the party. I will send home more information about supplies/food as we get closer to the date.

Happy October!
Mrs. Kemp