5th Grade – Simmons

Welcome Fifth Graders!!

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Arbor Academy is happy to welcome you to a new school year! We’re ready for a very exciting and productive group of fifth graders for 2018-2019. Fifth grade is an important transitional year for students. Students will be experiencing an incredible amount of growth,  and they’ll have many opportunities for great accomplishments and success throughout the year. They are moving from the primary phase of their education into the intermediate stage. Students will be focusing on building independent learning skills. We will also be working on learning to work cooperatively, developing good study habits, and each striving to achieve our own highest potential. Fifth Grade will be such a fun year. There are many fun learning activities planned for this great school year.

We will be focusing on harder spelling words with more complex syllables. We will also be looking at writing as a full and well-developed process, complete with editing and peer reviews, and in reading and language arts, we will engage in guided reading and word study. In math, we will be looking at multiplying and dividing fractions and percentages, as well as brushing up on our basic facts. In science, we will be getting hands-on with experiments and research. We will learn all about our body systems in health, and all about energy and mass in science. In social studies, you will learn about the history of the United States of America, and we will also take a look at music and art and become creative producers of projects this year. And last, but not least, we will study character traits and how to be honest and productive citizens in school and our world.

Many classroom supplies are provided for the fifth graders. See the supply list for a list of suggested supplies.

Please keep in mind that the daily school uniform of collared/white shirt and navy skirt/pants is required at all times. Socks and undershirts must also be either in white, navy blue, or gray. Also, sweatpants and hoodies are not allowed, but it is good for students to have a cardigan or sweater to cover up with in class. It can be chilly in the classroom no matter the season.

We look forward to meeting you at Open House on Wednesday, August 29 from 3:00-6:00 and beginning the school year with you on Tuesday, September 4 at 8:00 a.m.

Your fifth grade teacher