5th Grade – Kemp

April Newsletter

Starting the week after spring break, we will be starting our M-Step testing. Please make sure students are getting a good night’s rest and eating a healthy, fulfilling breakfast. It is very important that students understand how important it is to do your best on each test.

In reading, we will continue to build our reading stamina. The fifth graders have been increasing their reading fluency and vocabulary. This month we will continue to work on identifying setting, characters, plot, cause and effect, and problems and solutions while reading. Students will also begin to continue reviewing for the NWEA and MStep testing which will start on April 14th.

In math, we are going to be studying graphs. We will be identifying different kinds of graphs and creating our own. Students will be creating a survey and asking their peers questions that they create. Once they collect their data, they will create an appropriate graph.

In writing, we are going to be working on writing persuasive paragraphs. In language arts, we will be wrapping up our lessons and start reviewing all the things the students have learned. We will continue reviewing for the NWEA and MStep throughout this month.

In social studies, we will continue our unit on the reconstruction of the United States after the Civil War including settling the West, the Industrial Revolution, and how America became the melting pot. Students will then be moving into the World Wars and how the United States was involved.

In science, we are going to be wrapping up our unit on atoms, molecules, and the elements. Students will also be wrapping up their plant science experiments. The students have done a good job of creating a hypothesis and their own data record sheets, watering and maintaining their plants, and recording their data. The students are excited to see their results and finding some unexpected surprises. The students will then be moving onto the forms and uses of energy.

Mrs. Kemp