5th Grade – Simmons

April Newsletter

Appropriate Conduct:
We are continuing the Be Nice program at school. We have had lessons around “Notice”- the ‘N’ in Be Nice. Then we had “Invite” lessons for the ‘I’ in Be Nice. Next we focused on the challenging others to join us in the Be Nice movement. We participated in a weekly Bucket Challenge for the “Challenge” lessons. A Random Act of Kindness was chosen for each student in class. We tried to meet that challenge throughout the week. The next Monday we all go a new Be Nice challenge. It was fun being nice!

We decorated a Soohorang (Korean White Tiger) for our March is Reading Month Winter Olympics bulletin board. We also learned about still life drawing.

I do think subtraction of mixed numbers with unlike denominators is the most difficult math we have done. There are so many steps and operations involved. We have moved on to multiplication of fractions which is actually easier. We found that some of us are still very slow with addition and subtraction as well as our multiplication and division facts. Any time that fifth graders can be practicing these basic facts while not at school is great. Students can make flash cards or play math games. We need to get faster with our basic facts in order to feel more successful.

We are having a great time with our knowledgeable teacher from Battle Creek Community Music School. She is working with us on Wednesdays. We started with the basics of reading music and keeping a beat and went right into playing the recorder!

Language Arts:
We have been reading and comprehending literature, stories, dramas, and poetry as usual, but this past month was reading month. We got hooked on reading our novels. It is a lot of fun to watch us get so involved in our reading. It was super fun to read in the dark room with our flashlights.

We studied about mountain formations, earthquakes and their aftermath, and asteroids, meteorites and comets. Then we learned about the sun and stars. Now we are investigating matter and its properties and physical and chemical changes. Some students were lucky enough to be chosen by lottery to be a part of Arbor’s Rocket Club which just had its first meeting.

Social Studies:
We learned about transportation in the 1800’s, the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, the War of 1812, and the Trail of Tears. Next we look at the Oregon Trail, Gold Rush and abolition.

Simmons & Willis