5th Grade – Kemp

January Newsletter

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. In fifth grade, we are going to start the New Year off with many new and exciting units. In reading, we are going to continue working on problem and solution, plot, and cause and effect. We will be starting our unit on different genres and exploring historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, legends, and myths.

In math we are going continue moving into fractions, decimals, and percents. It is imperative that all students continue memorizing their multiplication and division facts to be successful in math lessons.

In writing, we are going to start writing our own fairy tales. We will be writing a narrative by creating relationships among the setting, characters, theme, and plot. We will be taking this narrative piece through the writing process, with emphasis being put on editing and revising our own writing and our peers writing. We will also continue to work on adjectives, using more and most, adverbs, and possessive pronouns.

In social studies, we will be continuing our learning of the Revolutionary War. Students will be learning about the battles of the Revolutionary War including the Battle of Saratoga, Valley Forge, and Battle of Yorktown. We will also be looking at the contributions of women and minorities during the war.

In science, we will end our unit on weather and then begin our unit on earth. Students will be learning about how mountains are formed, how coal, petroleum, and natural gases are formed within earth, and features of the ocean floor.

Mrs. Kemp