5th Grade – Scheve

October Newsletter

Overall, 5th grade has been going well. The first few weeks have been reminders for classroom expectations and rules.

We are working as a team on being the best we can be!


  • Please check backpacks/folders for important information coming home
  • Reading logs are due every Friday!

Here’s the low down:

We started the year with making individualized reading goals. We work on them in class and they are able to work on them at home. We have also been working on building our reading stamina (how long we read).

We began center work in groups. Each groups works on a specific assignment or activity and meets with the teacher. Here, we focus on weekly objectives. We have worked on putting stories in chronological order and paraphrasing our stories.

We have been focusing on multi-digit multiplication solving. Right now we have been working as a whole class. I am hoping to get centers for math started up in the next week or so. Centers will be small group so each student gets more focused attention.

Social Studies
We are focusing on geography for the first few weeks of school. We have discussed the five themes of geography and how different civilizations relate to the themes. We have also talked about community and where we live.

We started out unit on cells. We have talked about what cells are and some different parts of a cell.

Our focus has been sentences. Sentences and sentence fragments, declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.

We work on our writing, doing different writing prompts a few times a week.