5th Grade – Simmons

January Newsletter

This month is NWEA testing!

It is also the beginning of the second semester. Because of that, we are about out of some of our classroom materials. Chances are that your youngster is in need of a refresher of some school supplies. Pencils are needed all around. Other than pencils, ask your child if there are school supplies they need for the upcoming semester.

Appropriate Conduct:
We have really been learning to get along with others well. We need to work on accepting consequences. It is normal when things don’t always go the way you want, but learning to accept that is tough sometimes.

We studied Japanese art. We are learning to recognize and use various drawing techniques, and to be able to create a drawing using correct proportion for the human figure.

We spent a lot of time on multi-digit multiplication. We played games with it, worked with partners, and worked alone. Now we are going back to fractions for a while. We are working with mixed numbers and improper fractions. We also did some work with graphing.

Language Arts:
We have all successfully completed a narrative writing about why we like our school Arbor Academy. We have practiced parts of speech a lot and enjoy completing Mad Libs as a class to make funny stories. We are doing a weekly spelling list based on a theme. To make it manageable, there are only 8 words on the list, and we practice in class.

We studied about energy and sources of energy. Now, we are studying the earth’s atmosphere, its gases and layers and their functions.

Social Studies:
With our class colony project, we have a foundation for learning about the American Revolution. We are learning about taxation (the Stamp Act) and American patriot rebellion. Then we will research some Founding Fathers and learn about the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War.

Simmons & Willis