5th Grade – Simmons

May Newsletter

Appropriate Conduct:
We have had a great month overall in fifth grade. We have received many compliments for our good behavior and for working hard on our state testing. We wrapped up the Be Nice program at school. The last lessons were about the “e” in Nice. “E” stands for empower.

All of us have been working so hard and learning so much. We really made a lot of gains recently in learning how to multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. We took home the triangular flash cards we made, so it would be good to practice with them once in a while. We have just completed our state testing for the year in math and are looking forward to finishing the year strong by continuing to grow in math skills!

We are still having a great time with our knowledgeable teacher from Battle Creek Community Music School. At our last class, we investigated world music. We are getting back to the recorder for our last few sessions together.

Language Arts:
One thing we love to do is read a “Reader’s Theater” Play in class. This is where we stay at our seats, but each have a script and each have certain lines to read. We have read plays about THE Civil Rights movement, Charlie Brown, Lewis and Clark, and more. For our spelling tests in May, we will be spelling the Fifty States (ten at a time). We will be memorizing a poem this month to share with the class.

Recently we investigated solutions and learned about colloids, homogenous and heterogeneous mixtures. We are learning about elements and the periodic table next.

Social Studies:
Recently, we studied the Civil War, the events leading up to it, and the strengths and weaknesses of the North and South. We’ll be continuing our linear study of US History as the year wraps up.

Simmons & Willis