8th Grade – Richardson

January Newsletter

Teacher Message:  Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a relaxing break and that everyone is ready to tackle the rest of the school year.  We are starting to get low on some supplies in our classroom!  We could really use more tissues, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and Clorox wipes.  Anything would be appreciated!

Language Arts: We are working on reviewing parts of speech to make our writing better. We are also learning words with Hebrew roots, such as, sabbatical and kosher.  We will also be starting a unit about the idea of Utopia.  We will be reading short stories and the novel, The Giver, to study this theme.

Social Studies: We will be continuing our study of American history.  We are beginning to learn about events that led up to the Mexican-American War and then the Civil War. We are reading articles, primary source documents, and our textbook to learn about these topics.

Science: We are going to work on ecosystems and things that can cause ecosystems to change.  We are also finishing up reviewing body systems.  We are labeling the parts of certain body systems, as well as, studying what each part does.

Math: We are finishing up transformations on graphs, such as, translations, rotations, and reflections.  We will also be reviewing rate of change and slope.  We will continue with Geometry by studying angles and their properties.

Uniform Reminder: When it is cold, students may wear sweaters that are plain grey, white, or navy blue. Students may not wear hooded sweatshirts.  Please bring a coat and boots because some days we have time to go outside at the end of the day!