8th Grade – Pritt

December Newsletter

We have been working on several great learning topics such as ELA-reading both The Giver and To Kill a Mockingbird.  Looking at how the author’s displayed theme, meaning, character connections, plot, setting and point of view, etc.  We have been using compare and contrast to analyze the books.  We have also been well studied in building English Skills with usage of nouns, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, pronouns, etc.  We will continue this ElA course of study into December.

  Social Studies course work has been reviewing the importance of Timelines for World, and U.S. History. We have viewed several informational films, “The Men Who Built America”, and “The Story of Us” and “Lincoln”,  for historical perspective and timeline.  We have studied Ancient Empires while looking at documentaries about Empires, such as China, Rome, Greek, Mayan, British, etc.  In December we will do profiles on historical figures.

    Math has included subjects for probability, decimals, graphing, number lines, etc.  In December we will go into ratios and percentages more exclusively-and how we bring these math skills to the outside world.

    Science has been exciting in our class-studying thermal energy, ecosystems, periodic table and elements, and types of chemical bonds.  December studies will bring us to scientific method, use of data, investigations, and the space program thematic unit-to study many parts of physical science.

    As a class we have had open discussions for health/wellness about how to keep you safe, practicing absence, and nutrition.  December will find us going more in depth about nutrition and proper eating habits.

  Art has shown us how to analyze impressionist paintings, pop art, and abstract art. Next month we will make statues out of clay, and learn more about specific artist.

  In music we have studied the Jazz age, The Blues, Pop Music, and classifications of singers-ala bass, soprano, tenor, and alto.   Decembers curriculum will allow us to examine more janroa’s of music, write own songs, and raps.  We will also learn about specific artist in all types of music.

    The class has learned much this first period, and will continue to strive, while displaying respect, consideration, and effort our class motto.

Mr. Pritt
7th/8th Grade Teacher