8th Grade – M McKenney

Welcome 2018-2019 Eighth Graders!!

Dear Families,

Welcome!  A new school year is upon us and I am very excited for the opportunity to work with you and your student this year.  During this school year, the students will have many opportunities to be positive role models inside and outside of our classroom.

As seventh and eighth graders, it is to be expected that our oldest students here at Arbor are exhibiting their senses of leadership, responsibility, and kindness toward everyone they meet, whether that be in the classroom, on field trips, or in the hallway.  It is my goal that we will foster a positive learning environment this school year, safe for everyone to enjoy, and to gain necessary skills as they transition into higher grades.

This year we will be tackling many difficult learning objectives, like mastering several algebraic and geometric concepts in math such as interpreting graphs and solving formulas. In addition, students will have many opportunities to improve their writing abilities through journal activities, research projects, and through their personal writings. Working together as a team- parent, student, and teacher, I am sure that your student will succeed.

The middle school years also provide students with the ability to participate in hands-on learning.  In our science curriculum, we have many units we will be covering this year, from astronomy to human biology and what seems like everything in between.  With this, we will be performing several science experiments.  These will encourage students to gain a further grasp on the concepts we will be learning in our class discussions.

I look forward to the many exciting things we have planned for this school year, and for your child’s opportunities to expand their knowledge here at Arbor!

Ms. Michelle McKenney
Seventh/Eighth Grade Teacher