7th Grade – M McKenney

May Newsletter

The end of the year is near!

However, that doesn’t mean that we are done learning! We still have new concepts to learn, and I look forward to teaching them to the students!

In Math, we will be finishing up our large units on geometric shapes, area, and volume.  Students have done great learning the numerous formulas in order to solve these equations.  We will also begin learning numbers with exponents and how to solve them accordingly.

In Social Studies, we have been and continue to review concepts learned previously this school year, with more of an emphasis here on the end of the year on current events.  We will continue watching the daily news and having discussions surrounding important topics in the world around us.

In Science, we have wrapped up our unit in molecular bonds and structures, and will continue to work on learning more about chemical reactions, exothermic vs. endothermic reactions, and processes of cells and their functions.  We also this month will be doing a review of weather and the water cycle, as we have some special guests coming to present on these topics in a fun and interactive way.

In Language Arts, we will continue reviewing spelling and grammar in ways to pique students’ interests, while continuing to read and do activities surrounding our class read-aloud book: Warriors: Into the Wild.

In Art/Health/P.E., we have been doing a variety of projects to learn cover our content areas.  Art has led us to doing sculpture making, and expressive art previously.  This month we will be learning about modern art and I can’t wait to see the students’ creativity come alive.  In health we are learning different safety skills needed for being outdoors and ones that are important for summer such as swimmer safety.  P.E. has been a fun change for our students again with the change in weather, and we will continue to finish up learning the sports that were not taught prior to the cold weather this winter.

Also, please note that the majority of 8th grade NWEA/M-STEP testing is over, but the bulk of our 7th grade M-STEP testing is here through the first few weeks of May.  Make sure your students are getting plenty of rest and healthy meals.  I know they will do great!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school, extension 17.


~Michelle McKenney