7th Grade – Nathan Runyon

May Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Spring is upon us along with big temperature changes. I will be requiring students to wear the sweaters, fleece, or vests that are described in our handbook.  “Navy, gray, or white sweaters or fleece, (no sweatshirts). May wear sweater vests or fleece vests in navy or gray.” Sometimes students feel that the classroom temperature isn’t warm enough, and sometimes they feel that the classroom is too warm.

Please provide your student with a navy, gray, or white sweater, vest, or fleece for those days that he or she may feel that they need extra warmth. I recommend button-up or zip-up versions of sweaters, fleece, or vests since they are easier to remove than the pullover versions when the students start to feel too warm.

NWEA and M-Step Testing
Students will be taking the NWEA MAP test and M-STEP through May 26th.  All grades will be taking the NWEA MAP test and only grades 3-7 will be taking the Michigan State Assessment Test, called M-STEP.  Please check with your child’s teacher to see specific dates of testing.  Please make sure your child is well rested and is present at school as much as possible.

Open House
Our first open house for new enrollments for Fall 2017 will be on Wednesday, April 26th from 1-3pm. Spread the word about Arbor Academy!

A friendly reminder:
Please do not turn left out of Arbor during pick up or drop off. This slows down traffic flow and presents dangerous situations. There is no smoking on school grounds. Please make sure the language used on school grounds or the music being played within vehicles is school appropriate. STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS. Thank you for helping enforce these rules. You help make Arbor a better place to learn and grow

Four Fascinating Facts from the May Edition of the Almanac Monthly Magazine:

  1. May’s full Moon is known as the full Flower Moon because flowers spring forth in abundance at this time. Some Algonquin tribes also knew this full Moon as the Corn Planting Moon, the Moon When Women Weed Corn, or the Milk Moon.
  2. Cake flour vs. all-purpose flour: Choose cake flour if you prefer a high volume and airy texture. If you prefer to use unbleached, high-quality, all-purpose flour, you will end up with a hearty, moist cake that will still taste good.
  3. The best fly-fishing usually comes at day’s last light, dusk, or when you can’t see to change flies. A small, pencil-size flashlight clipped to your fishing vest and aimed downward solves that problem.
  4. Lay lengths of banana skin on the ground at the base of your roses. Banana skins are high in calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and phosphates—all things that roses like in their diet.


Academic Corner
We have homework assignments Monday through Thursday in a different subject each day. Students will have Math, English, or Science homework on those days.