7th Grade – Thomas Pritt

October Newsletter

    Our class has been covering Science, ELA (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening), Social Studies, Math Concepts, and Health/PE.  We are in our first round of NWEA Testing-for Reading.  So far everyone who has finished has been within range.  This is great news, great start to Testing.  In our class the core subjects have been designed and implemented with student engagement in mind.

We have done such projects as giant timelines of Earth’s History, and U.S. History in Social Studies.  Also in social Studies we have discussed economics while viewing the National Dept. Cock- in real time.  The class has ventured into how the government works-while studying the branches of checks and balances, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches/ how checks and balances work.  We have had poster presentations on the Solar System, Earth’s Crust, Earth’s Atmosphere for Science.  In ELA we have covered the writing process-to write personal narratives, read from the book, “Holes” and journal for meaning and theme.   We have practiced speaking clearly and concisely in all subjects.  Math we are involved in solving decimal, and fraction problems, looking at the order of operations, and graphing.  Our specials class so far has been Health/PE-where students have been involved with problem solving, food pyramid, and healthy choices for exercise.  PE has been about techniques and rules for baseball, soccer, football, softball.  October our class will look forward to reviewing these lessons and taking on new learning for the subjects.

Some of the new curriculum in October will be as follows.  For ELA-reading a new text/journal, using dialogue while writing your own play. We will be looking closer at characters in stories, and use of Figurative Language such as simile, and metaphor, while fore shadowing the stories.  With Science we will implement the knowledge we have gained by using decorative boxes to construct and display panoramic views of alternative energy, electricity, and molecules, thus presenting to the class  while  in cooperative learning groups.  Math subject area will consist of using reflection, rotation, and transition, measurement of angels, and solving problems with fractions, decimals, and negative/positive numbers.  Social Studies in October includes comparing and contrasting The American Revolution to aspects of the Civil War.  We will continue seeing cause and effect between the two world wars.  We will switch our focus from Health/PE as our Specials Class to Music and Art.

We are off to a good start, setting the expectations, routines and procedures.  We have been learning how to make sure our class is a positive peer culture.  I am pleased with the students efforts, behavior, and learning so far.