7th Grade – Thomas Pritt

Welcome Back!!

Dear Families,
Welcome!  A new school year is upon us and I am very excited for the opportunity to work with you and your student this year. Seventh grade is a time when students are expected to be leaders of our school.  During this school year, the students will have many opportunities to be positive role models outside of the classroom.  Inside the classroom, I will continue to focus on moving our students towards becoming successful independent learners and helping prepare them for their future endeavors.

This year we will be tackling many difficult learning objectives like mastering several algebraic concepts in math such as interpreting graphs and solving formulas. In addition, students will have many opportunities to improve their writing abilities through journal activities, research projects, and through their personal writings. Working together as a team- parent, student, and teacher, I am sure that your student will succeed.

Many of the items that we will be using this year have already been ordered for our classroom.  Students are free to bring in some of their own supplies, but please keep in mind that the desks do not allow for much storage space.

The Seventh Grade Teacher