7th Grade – M McKenney

October Newsletter

Welcome to October!

Fall is upon us and time is flying by!  We are getting into the swing of things in our classroom and I love seeing your 7th graders wanting to learn more about new concepts! They will be finishing up their fall NWEA testing this first week of October as well.  This month, we have many exciting things coming up!  Beginning on October 10th for a few weeks we will be having Stonia Hunter through MSU come in and teach us about nutrition.  They usually bring in a healthy snack as the students learn about ways they can stay healthy in the world around them.  Looking forward to that being a great time!

I am also in the process of booking a field trip to the Battle Creek Arboretum’s Fantasy Forest Sculpture gardens.  More information to come on this, but I will be looking for parents to transport and chaperone this field trip.  It will likely only be half a day.  Be on the lookout for more notes and information on this as the time gets closer!

On Friday, October 26th is our school carnival from 4:30-7:00 pm.  I hope to see you there!

In Math, we will be tackling the concepts of decimals, percents, and calculating taxes and simple/compound interest. Some of this will continue to be review, while other parts of it will be very helpful in setting the stage for higher-up concepts we will be learning later this year.

In Language Arts this month we are continuing to learn about parts of a story, as well as literary devices which are going to help students as we get into reading famous novels in upcoming months.  We are continuing our spelling tests which are on Thursdays with a re-take on Friday. Make sure your children are studying for these!!  Also we are going to begin learning how to write different types of papers, as well as continue our review of grammatical parts of speech.

In Social Studies students this month will be diving into learning all about early ancient empires, such as Assyria, Babylon, and Persia.  They will be doing a few group projects as well, so be sure to ask about what they are learning! I am looking forward to helping them learn more about these topics.

In Science we are continuing our chemistry unit learning about different types of bonds, chemical equations, mixtures, compounds, and solubility.  Of course we cannot have chemistry without having experiments! We will be having a few lab days this month as well.

In our Specials we are learning about nutrition in health, different genres of music, fun sports such as kickball, volleyball, and gaga ball for P.E., and in art we are learning about different eras of art with fun projects.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at the school, Ext. 17

-Miss McKenney