7th Grade – Dorton

December Newsletter

From the Teacher
Please make sure to send appropriate winter gear with your child each day (boots, snow pants, mittens, hat etc…). Children will not be able to play on the snowy/wet areas of the playground without boots. We go out for recess every day unless the temperature is less than 10 degrees. It is a school rule that all children attend outside recess, unless they have a doctor’s note explaining why they cannot be outside.

School closings will be posted on channel 3 and 8, and will also be read aloud on major radio stations. Televised school closings are normally posted around 6:30 a.m. Please do not call the school regarding school closings, as they will be posted. Thank you for your understanding.

Our class will be performing a play “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” on December 20th. Parents are encouraged to come a watch their performance at 2:25.

Our Christmas party will be on December 21st. We will watch “Elf” and enjoy treats that are donated by our wonderful parents. We will also be doing a secret Santa. Each student will secretly draw a name of another student. They will then either create a nice gift, or purchase a gift that costs no more than $5.

Learning Targets

  • Graphing/Graphing Equations
  • Poetry, Elements of Text, Literary Texts
  • Types of Government, Policy Issues
  • Layers of the Earth, Weather

Things to Practice at Home
Remember to keep up with Book-It.  Our middle school goal is for all students in class to read 550 minutes this month.  Please keep track of the minutes read each day and total them at the end of every week.  Return the signed calendar at the end of the month and  your child will receive a coupon for a free pizza.