7th Grade – Dorton

October Newsletter

The first month of school was amazing.  We have such a wonderful class this year!

From the Teacher

Fall Carnival
This year our carnival will be held on November 3rd from 4-6 and will be held at Oakland Academy.  More information will be sent home closer to the carnival date.

Fall Harvest Party
Here at Oakland Academy we have a Fall Harvest Party in the place of a Halloween Party.  The date of our party is Friday, October 27th. The entire school will Trunk or Treat at 1:15 pm and then we will have a food harvest party in our room .  Your child is allowed to wear their costume to school. Please make sure the costume is not disruptive to their daily activities. 

We ask that your child does NOT wear a costume that would be considered unsafe, scary, or menacing.  NO masks, full face paint, weapons of any kind or gory objects are allowed.

Parents are welcome to join in on the fun.  We will send home more information about the Trunk or Treat as the date gets closer.

Book It!
This year we are participating in the Book-it program.  The Book-it calendar is attached to the back of the newsletter.  Our goal for October is for all of the students to read for 550 minutes at home. Please keep track of minutes read each day and total them at the end of every week.  At the end of the month, send the signed calendar back to school.  Your child will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut!

Learning Targets
Here are just a few of the objectives we will be focusing on this month:

  • Math-Fractions, Decimals
  • Science-Plant Systems, Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Reading-Facts of Writing, Author’s Purpose
  • Language Arts-Nouns, Verbs, Personal Narrative
  • Social Studies-Geographic Regions, Agriculture

Things to Practice at Home
Continually practice long division skills!