7th Grade – Block

February Newsletter

I wanted to stress again the importance of the 7th graders doing their homework every night.  Their homework gives them an extra opportunity to practice the concepts that we are discussing during the week. It is important that they get as much practice as they can.  There is not always enough time during the school day for the students to get the practice that they need.  As the year progresses, it is getting more and more important for them to complete their homework.  Some of the objectives that the 7th graders are learning are getting more difficult.  Their homework gives them an extra opportunity to understand the objectives for the week.

It also allows me to see if they are understanding the concepts well enough that I can move on to other objectives or if I need to spend more time on objectives to help them understand them better.  Their homework is a tool for me to use to better evaluate their understanding.  If they are able to do the work independently at home, then I know that they are understanding the work.  It also allows the students to come up with questions about the topics we are learning about so that they can have a better understanding of them.

Their homework assignments also help them to learn responsibility, set priorities, and manage their time wisely.  As the 7th graders get older they are going to need to be able to follow through on tasks, assignments, jobs, etc that are given to them.  Completing their homework and turning it in on time helps them to develop essential skills that are needed to succeed.

Please make sure that your 7th grader is giving you their planner to sign each day.  Also, please make sure that they are bringing their folders home and returning them to school.  This is the best way to communicate with me.

Mr. Block