7th Grade – Block

December Newsletter

Mystery Short Story
During November and December, the 7th graders have been writing, editing and publishing a mystery short story.  They have worked hard coming up with an idea and putting it into words. After the students wrote their rough drafts, they were edited by their peers for a whole week. They focused on word choice, content, organization, sentence structure and finished with use of correct voice. After the class had edited each others’ papers, they looked over their own.  They looked for spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, made sure words were capitalized correctly, and used correct grammar.  Then they made the corrections to their rough drafts that were suggested by their classmates.  Once those were done, pairs of students exchanged stories and double checked them, following a specific checklist and making sure the changes that were made earlier helped the story and didn’t hinder it.  Then, Mr. Block read through them as a final check.  Once the whole process was complete, the students were able to publish the final draft.

I wanted to stress again the importance of the 7th graders doing their homework every night.  This gives them an extra opportunity to practice the Math and Language Arts concepts that we are discussing during the week. It is important that they get as much practice as they can.  There is not always enough time during the school day for the students to get enough practice.  It also allows me to see if they are understanding the concepts well enough that I can move on to other objectives.

Homework is ultimately your child’s responsibility, but please remind them of the importance of it.  Thank you for helping your students succeed in their school work.

Holiday Party
We will be having a small Holiday Party in the afternoon on Thursday, Dec 21st. Students may bring in a snack to share with the rest of the class.  We will be watching the movie Elf.

Please make sure that your 7th grader is giving you their planner to sign each day.  Also, please make sure that they are bringing their folders home and returning them to school.  This is the best way to communicate with me.