7th Grade – Block

Welcome Back!!

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome! We are excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and we’re looking forward to a happy and productive school year. Our classrooms are a very busy place to learn. Your help will be needed throughout the school year and room. Volunteers are always welcome and very much appreciated. The classroom environment has a variety of hands-on learning activities, games, and learning centers designed to help students engage in their education. Special classroom events planned for the year include trips to Van Buren State Park and the Growlers baseball game. We also have guest lecturers visit from Western Michigan University to discuss a variety of topics, including physics and biology.

Math homework will be given every day. Once a week, students will be given a science guide to study at home. Occasionally, there will be larger projects for students to work on at home.

Classroom Behavior Plan
We use the green, yellow, and red behavior plan in our classroom.  Each day every student begins on the green card.  After a student is not following directions or misbehaves they get a warning and are placed on the yellow card.  If the behavior continues then they are moved to the red card and will get a detention.  Throughout the day, if the students’ behavior changes, they can move up or down the behavior system.  In addition, students can earn points for good behavior.  These points can be cashed in for special privileges.

Communication is essential and we will be sending home a monthly newsletter about what we are doing in school.  You can also visit our class website to view what we are doing each month.  Please feel free to contact me at school through a note or call us at school.  We welcome your thoughts and are looking forward to working together to make this a successful year!

Once again, welcome. Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!

The middle School Teachers