7th Grade – Block

November Newsletter

Second Quarter Objectives

November begins the Second Quarter in which we will be covering some new concepts.

  • In Math, we will be learning about different concepts of Algebra. We will be balancing, simplifying and expanding equations (both binomial and polynomial), graphing on the x-y coordinate plane, and learning about the slope of a line (y =mx+b).
  • In Language Arts, we will be studying character interactions. Such as, how their interactions with each other and the setting can affect the plot of the story. We will be reading two short stories: The Necklace and The Gift of the Magi.  We will also be reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • In Writing, we will be focusing on the different types of verbs. We will also be working throughout the semester on writing a mystery story.

I wanted to stress again the importance of the 7th graders doing their homework every night.  This gives them an extra opportunity to practice the Math and Language Arts concepts that we are discussing during the week. It is important that they get as much practice as they can.  There is not always enough time during the school day for the students to get enough practice.  It also allows me to see if they are understanding the concepts well enough that I can move on to other objectives.

Homework is ultimately your child’s responsibility, but please remind them of the importance of it.  Thank you for helping your students succeed in their school work.

Reminder: Conferences will be held on Monday, November 6th, Tuesday, November 7th, and Thursday, November 9th.  If you need a reminder of your scheduled time slot please contact me.

Please make sure that your 7th grader is giving you their planner to sign each day.  Also, please make sure that they are bringing their folders home and returning them to school.  This is the best way to communicate with me.