6th Grade – Scheffler

October Newsletter

Happy October! We are rolling right along into the school year, filled with wonderful learning experiences, including real world applications! Our class is soaring to new heights!

Science: Taxonomy,
*Biomes, Differentiating species of plants and animals, Carbon Cycle,
*Chemistry: All Year
*Biology: Introduction
*Microscopic Life:  Introduction
Math: Moving into algebraic expressions; Ratios; Mult. and Div. of decimals.
ART: Renaissance Art: Art Prize Field Trip Oct. 5th!  Drawing, Painting, Sculpting
P.E.: Circuit training
Music: Rhythm and Vocal Exercises; Music of the Classical period.
Social Studies: World Studies; Culture; Governments around the
world, internationalism.

Fun Family Time!  All too often we get so caught up in our own busy lives.  Take time for family fun!  Here are some fun ideas!

  • Go Jump in a pile of leaves.  Nothing beats fresh pile of leaves, and jumping in, no matter the age!
  • Go apple picking!
  • Head to a pumpkin patch!
  • Make some hot chocolate and drink it outside!
  • Play indoor games together!
  • Get cozy and read, read, read!  Everyone should read about 20 minutes, at least, each night after school!
  • Explore art using fall colors!
  • Get crafty!  Who doesn’t love an autumn craft!
  • Watch a movie as a family!
  • Make yummy treats! (share with teacher)! 😉

Calling all parents!  We need you to help your student study for spelling tests each Monday (pretest) and Thursday (test).

  • Use flash cards
  • Write the words in stair form, starting with one letter and adding a new letter for each “step”.
  • Spelling puzzles
  • Window writing!
  • Use an online puzzle maker with spelling list words!
  • Have fun!