Fifth Grade – Webb

February Newsletter

For the rest of the year, your child will receive daily homework rather than weekly homework. This means that your child will have homework any day of the week and is due the next day. This idea is to help prepare your child for sixth grade. The homework will be over stuff we have or are covering in class. If you have any further questions about this let me know.

Classroom News
I am excited to announce that our class has the opportunity to participate in dance exercises/movements every Monday starting February 19th. On these days, students would want to be in comfortable fitting uniform pants, and tennis shoes please no skirts.

Valentine’s Day Celebration
On Friday, February 12th, we will be having a celebration in the afternoon. Students can purchase Valentine’s Day cards to pass out. Please make sure that there is a card for every student. We have 10 students in our class. We will be having snacks and watching a movie.

Class List:

Xavion Mannix Charlotte
Elijah Kayla Natalee
Jaiden Josue

Winter Weather
Please make sure to send (LABELED) winter gear with your child each day (boots, snow pants, mittens, hat etc…). Children will not be able to play on the snowy/wet areas of the playground without boots. We go out for recess every day unless the will chill or temperature is less than 10 degrees. It is a school rule that all children attend outside recess, unless they have a doctor’s note explaining why they cannot be outside.

Character Counts
Our Character Counts winner for December and January for generosity was Kayla. The Math Award winner was Mannix and the Writing Award winner was Natalee. February’s character trait is trustworthy. Please discuss this at home.

Remember to keep up with Book-It.  Our goal is for all students in the class to read 450 minutes per month.  Please keep track of the minutes read each day. Return the signed calendar at the end of the month.  Your child will receive a coupon for a free pizza.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your student’s progress in class please contact me at (269)488-6324 between 7:30 am to 4 pm.