5th Grade – Chai

December Newsletter

Classroom Celebration
I will be sending home information about our classroom celebration and a sign-up for food, drinks and paper products as the time comes nearer.

Book Swap
The book swap will take place during our party.  Please send in a new, wrapped book without a name tag.  The book should be appropriate for fifth grade, and be gender neutral.  Each child will come home with a new book to read over break! Please limit your book price to $10.00. The kids will participate in other holiday activities during the afternoon festivities!

Please keep track of the minutes read each day and total them at the end of every week.  The fifth grade goal is 400 minutes per month.  Return the signed minute-tracker sheet at the end of the month for a coupon for a free pizza.

‘Tis the season
Please make sure to send appropriate winter gear with your child each day (boots, snow pants, mittens, hat, & scarf). We go out for recess every day unless the temperature is less than 10 degrees. It is a school rule that all children go outside for recess. I ask that children take their winter gear home every Friday. This gives you the opportunity to wash and air out their clothing and boots for the following week.

In the event of a snow day, our closing will be posted as Oakland Academy on WWMT (channel 3) and WOOD TV 8. Our closing can also be heard on 103.3. Closings will also be posted on the Oakland Academy Facebook page. We attempt to post closings as soon as possible, generally no later than 6:30 a.m.

Happy Holidays to you and your family,
Ms. Chai