5th Grade – Ells

May/June Newsletter

Summer is finally here! We have grown so much this year. Let’s make it memorable! Please feel free to contact me at the school for any questions.

We Are Learning About…

  • Measurement
  • Simple Tools and Energy
  • World War I and World War II
  • Fictional Stories

NWEA Testing

  • NWEA testing will end on May 19th.
  • It is VERY important that you arrive to school on time. Please let me know if you will be absent so I can make different testing arraignments.


  • Homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday each week.
  • Any unfinished classwork is also homework.
  • Thank you for your home support.

Ideas For Working At Home

  • Spend 15 minutes on Nitrotype.com.
  • Get a good night sleep and have a big breakfast before each test.
  • Practice writing spelling words in cursive.
  • Practice multiplication and division flashcards.
  • Measure items around the house.