3rd Grade – Seppala

January Newsletter

Welcome to a NEW YEAR!  Happy 2018 to all of our families!  May this New Year bring each one of you much joy and happiness!  We will be starting the year off studying objectives intensely and working hard in the classroom.  Please be sure to work on homework, math facts, and reading at home each night.  As you know, studying at home reinforces what we are doing in school and intensifies that home/school connection.

This month’s character trait is fairness.  Last month was perseverance, and we will continue to practice this trait along with working hard to be kind and caring toward each other by being fair to all.

We are skip-counting daily each week, focusing on a certain number each week.  We have skip counted from our two’s through 10’s.  We have to complete 8’s, and 9’s in this new year.  Please continue to practice at home as our next memorization tests will be retesting those that we may find extra challenging.  Our studies in division will increase.  We will continue with division equations and word problems.

We will continue with our reading groups in which we are focusing on decoding, fluency, expanding vocabulary, and comprehension.  We are meeting two to three times per week and digging into various books and keeping the individual student’s needs in mind.  We will also be taking the DIBELS test again to see how we are growing as readers.

We will be doing a lot with division, so anytime you can create a division problem using everyday materials it will increase your child’s awareness of division.  The store again is a great place that can assist you in your quest to assist your child with division. For example, if you buy a bag of apples, you can count them and divide by the people in your family and ask your child how to divide the bag so everyone gets an equal amount.  Will there be a remainder?  Kids will have fun with these kinds of activities.  Enjoy!

Regular homework will begin again this week.  If your child completed the winter holiday pack, please send it in; she/he will have the opportunity to choose something from the prize box.  Please work hard to complete homework and turn it in every week.  Homework will be focusing on objectives as well as including work to help students attain their NWEA goals this winter and spring.