3rd Grade – Seppala

February Newsletter

As we welcome February, we have many exciting events happening.  We are studying objectives intensely and working hard in the classroom.  Please be sure to work on homework, math facts, and reading at home each night.  Reinforcing what we do at school helps reinforce that home/school connection.

There are exciting events both in school and after school hours that we are looking forward to and that we are excited about; please be sure to check the calendar at the end of this newsletter.  Our Valentine Celebration will take place on Tuesday, February 14 at 1:30. We will exchange Valentines; enjoy a craft, possibly a short movie, and some treats.  Feel free to join us if you are available.

This month’s character trait is respect.  Last month was fairness, and we will continue to practice this trait along with working hard to be kind and caring toward each other.

We continue to study, practice, and work on our multiplication facts.  Memorizing all the facts is huge in third grade.  What we do in math from this point through the rest of the year involves knowing our facts.  Please continue to work at home for automaticity within all the multiplication families.  We continue to work on division and finding uses in our lives where division is useful.  We will be starting decimals and money in the upcoming weeks.

We will continue with our reading groups in which we are focusing on EBLI, decoding, fluency, expanding vocabulary, and comprehension.  We are meeting two to three times per week and digging into various books and keeping the individual student’s needs in mind.  We also learn about our objectives more intensely in our groups and in different ways, incorporating movement, dialog with peers, and visual and auditory opportunities.

The kids will be working with money in the upcoming weeks.  If possible, please involve them in the process of paying for things in the store and figuring out whether or not you have enough money, and if so, how much to expect back.  Also, there is a great website for math called: sumdog.  There are many fun games on this website and I really think the kids will enjoy it.  Give it a try during the ending months of winter.

Please encourage your child to complete their homework.  Each child receives work conducive to their own needs.  They have an entire week to complete it.  It should be returned back to school the next Friday from when it was handed out.  Also, spelling words are always included.  Please be practicing spelling with your daughter or son each night so they are ready for the assessment.  Thanks for your support.