3rd Grade – Seppala

October Newsletter

We are welcoming autumn with some chilly mornings.  Please send a light jacket with your child as we will have outside recess unless it is raining.  I would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Mrs. Wells as part of our class.  She is a great resource to us many times throughout the day.  Our NWEA testing has concluded and the goal is to introduce centers gradually as we continue our year.  We will work on procedures for being in centers and work them into our daily routine.  We have exciting events planned in October and one of those is our Native American field trip to the Nature Center on October 17.  Remember to pack a sack lunch that day.  It will be an amazing experience!

This month will find us working on various types of graphs.  Also, we will begin the important task of multiplication.  We will continue to work on word problems; in particular, the key words used that will indicate what operation that we should perform.  We will also begin to review time and add elapsed time to our knowledge.

We will begin reading groups in which we will be focusing on decoding, fluency, expanding vocabulary, and comprehension.  We are also continuing our work with our decoding program:  Phonics International.  The kids are doing great with this program and enjoy working with it.

A neat program called:  “Book It,” is a program Pizza Hut sponsors to encourage reading at home.  We will be sending a reading log/calendar home with your daughter or son so she/he can write down how many minutes per night that is read.  At the end of the month, please turn in the reading log to Mrs. Seppala or Mrs. Wells, and your child will receive a coupon from Pizza Hut for a free personal pan pizza.  In order to receive the coupon, your daughter or son should be reading 20 minutes per day for five days.

In math, we have been studying rounding.  I encourage you to continue your shopping spree from last month and either go in your pantry and “go shopping,” or actually take your daughter or son shopping with you on your next trip to the store.  You can make this a fun activity by handing your child the can of peas and asking them to round to the nearest 10 or 100.  You can do this with many items that you purchase.  It is fun also to tell them that we have a certain amount to spend, what items could I buy with this amount of money.  This encourages addition skills.  Shopping, as we saw last month, can be an exciting and fun time!  Also, please ask your child to tell you what time it is.  You may want to add little phrases such as:  “If it is an hour later, what time would it be?”  This will offer them a chance to show you their skills!

As we begin the Pizza Hut Book It program, reading to your child can be part of the reading time that she/he logs.  We often think because our child/children are “older,” they do not need to be read to.  This is false.  At this age, fluency continues to develop and a wonderful way to encourage fluency is to hear mom or dad’s voice.  Kids want to be just like their parents, so modeling reading is an awesome experience for your child; they never forget those snuggly times!!! Also, they are never too old!

Please continue to assist and encourage your child with completing homework.  The homework given is reinforcing the objectives taught in class as well as strengthening each student’s challenging areas.  Also, please work with your daughter or son study papers that go home in their Forest folder; all work is on the assessments we do on Fridays, so studying throughout the week is advantageous.  Spelling, as well, should be studied every night.

Our school and classroom will be having a Fall Harvest Celebration on Friday, October 28.  Students may bring their costumes in a bag to fit in lockers; we will change into them after lunch.  More information will arrive closer to the date. This day will also offer a chance to attend our Forest Academy Fall Carnival.  This will offer students an opportunity to play games and have fun together.  The time is 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Character Counts:  TRUSTWORTHY