3rd Grade – Seppala

April Newsletter

We welcome spring with open arms!  The kids are very happy to be outside! April will find us working hard and completing the NWEA and M-Step tests. It can be a stressful time for all of us.  Please practice skills over the break.  Completing the spring homework packet is a great way to keep the kids thinking and involved with their learning.  Please be sure your child has good rest and food on testing days.  Also, making sure your child is hydrated is also a good step toward success!  Our Character Trait for this month is honesty.  We will all work on practicing this life skill.

In math, we are fully into decimals and fractions along with algebraic equations. We continue our year-long quest to master multiplication and division.  Please continue to have them practice facts at home.  The Prodigy website is a great place to practice those important math skills.

“March is Reading Month” was fun with many unique days to celebrate.  Please continue to read at home!  Reading is the key to educational success!  We will continue reading groups as much as our test schedule will offer us to do so.  We will focus on our literature books continuing to study comprehension skills.

We arrive back to school on Monday, April 9, and we have our extremely important NWEA test the very next day, Tuesday, April 10 at 8:30 a.m.  Please have your child accomplish some of the homework packet and read during break.  We will have no review time once we get back, so please encourage your child to keep up with the studies over break.  Also, please encourage a good night’s sleep and good breakfast.

I have gone on some very good websites that I would like to share with you:

www.adaptedmind.com; www.prepdog.org; studyisland.com; www.rif.org; www.ducksters.com

One website that I shared with the kids was called:  prodigy.  It is super fun and really reinforces many skills.  You need to set up a password and username; however, it is all free.  Please give it a try!

I have made a spring break packet to keep the kids’ minds at work.  Please encourage them to complete the packet over break.  It will be great practice to get us ready for all the testing that will be taking place. Please remember, the first week we get back we are tested on reading and math.  If they turn in the packet after break, they will get to choose out of our large prize box!