3rd Grade – Seppala

May Newsletter

I continue to be amazed at how the time is flying.  The kids continue to enjoy the warmer weather and playing outside soaking in the sun!  May finds us completing the final NWEA and M-Step testing.  The kids are doing their personal best job with all this testing.  Thank you kids for all your hard work; well done!

The kids are preparing a special afternoon for parents and special people in their life.  It is an afternoon in which they will recite a poem, sing some songs, show off artwork, and have treats together.  The afternoon will begin at 2:00 p.m. We hope many of you will be able to join us for this special event.

This month’s Character Count Trait is: honesty.  We will try our best this month to practice honesty.

We have many exciting adventures in May and June.  Please check the calendar for special events.

In math, we will be looking at our challenging areas and completing a lot of review in those areas. I mentioned this in the lasts month’s newsletters; however, it still holds true:  we continue our year-long quest to master multiplication and division.  Please continue to have them practice facts at home.  I would even encourage addition and subtraction facts be practiced.  The more practice, the better the automaticity will be.

Reading finds us wrapping up the literature books we have been reading and practicing our comprehension strategies with as a group.  We will begin new books and try to finish before our school year ends. We will do the DIBELS reading assessment before the year ends to show our reading growth.  Each child has progressed so much in reading this year.  I am very proud of them.   Please read at home as often as you can; under a tree or in the park are wonderful ways to read in the spring.

Please continue to read to your daughter or son.  They love to be read to, even though they are getting older.  They love a good story, though, they love a good story to share with you and the time spent with just you.  I will be sending home a suggested reading list next month.  I hope you will find some good books that you can share together.

A website that explains mathematical concepts extremely well is:  Math Is Fun.  The address is:   www.mathisfun.com.

We will be taking a break from homework due to all the hard work and effort the kids have put into their tests.  Homework will be sporadic during May and June.  I hope the kids will get out and play and enjoy the amazing weather.